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Buick Regal 2014 Transmission integrale all seasons

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2014 Buick Regal GS AWD: If near the finish line ...

First contacts

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2014 Buick Regal: The luxury without breaking the bank


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Buick Regal 2014 after the LaCrosse


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Debuts New Yorkers of LaCrosse and Regal 2014

For adequate adherence, regardless of the weather.

In addition to the improvements in technology, safety and style of the new Regal and Regal GS Buick, they now offer a system has integral transmission peak option.

While the population of the snow belt, and perhaps in the regions located much further south this winter, combines wheel drive vehicles with the winter weather, the system automatically integral transmission request of the Regal is designed to provide better control in all weather conditions and for roads, including dry surfaces.

Using a system capable of distributing power forward in the back and from side to side, Regal can start torque to the wheels according to the data on the vehicle and the driver's commands. When the vehicle is traveling on icy or snowy roads, better control is made possible thanks to the traction and stability IMPROVED with four-wheel drive.

The same ideas are applied to the sporty driving and even emergency on floor dry or wet maneuvers. With the possibility to transfer the power to the rear, the Regal IT does not depend of the front wheels to do all the work. This characteristic, combined with the front suspension struts HiPer Strut, resulting in greater mastery made possible thanks to the reduction of the torque steer and understeer when the driver need the traction by example at the exit of a turn.

"With the power distributed to all four wheels and the ability to transfer power to the wheel with the best adherence, we allow the operator to optimize its control on all surfaces," stated James Walter, engineer of the integral transmission of the Regal . "This system constantly monitors more and more data to anticipate the necessary measures. This can prove to be very useful in keeping the back of the car balanced during an emergency maneuver. "

During a displacement in a straight line, the heart of the system is integral transmission replied the couple share approximately equal between the front and rear wheels. The system calculates and distributes torque continuous way. In the Regal GS, the selection of control modes interactive driving Sport or GS allows to increase the sensitivity of the system has integral transmission and leave up to 15 percent more torque to the rear wheels to improve traction and stability during sporty driving.

Active Haldex unit directs the training of rear wheels. This system uses a differential electronic traction control, which allows you to quickly restart the torque between the two rear wheels to optimize vehicle stability and grip when cornering. Regal GS AWD offers a more neutral balance and a reduction of the effect of torque and understeer for maximum adherence in situations of acceleration and cornering and optimum maneuverability during sporty driving.

The integral transmission is optional on all models of the new teams in 2014 Regal turbo 2.0L that develops a power of 259 hp and a torque of 295 lb-ft. Regal is the fourth vehicle Buick's current range to offer the integral transmission, with the Enclave, Encore, and LaCrosse.

Source: Buick

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