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Wage increases at Nissan ...

The automaker Nissan increase the salaries of its employees in the American states of Mississippi and Tennessee, while a major union tried to establish in some plants.

This is the first wage increase for American employees of Nissan since 2006. The company argued that its sales are improving with the recovery of the economy.

Increases affecting workers assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi, and Smyrna, Tennessee; as well as those of the engine plant Decherd, Tennessee.

They came as the United Auto Workers (UAW) attempts to unionize factory workers Canton and Smyrna by state differences between the wages paid in Mississippi and Tennessee. The UAW, however, had not yet done the legwork for election in these plants.

Nissan was defended under pay its employees in Mississippi claiming that wages are generally lower in this state.

The company will increase the wages of its employees for the production of 55 cents an hour and the maintenance technicians 65 cents an hour, says a spokesman Justin Saia.

This is an increase of approximately two percent compared to the average wage of workers in Smyrna and Canton. The production workers and plant maintenance Canton earn an average of two dollars an hour less than Smyrna.

Nissan and its contractors employ about 5200 workers in Guangzhou, as well as more than 6,000 people have Smyrna and Decherd over 1400.

The company has resumed hiring over the past two years, with the recovery in auto sales.

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