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Mazda's KODO style and the Milan Design Week


Mazda's KODO style and the Milan Design Week picture #1

Kodo: the new design philosophy of Mazda

Mazda took advantage of the Milan Design Week testify to his passion for beauty, already reflected in its premium design language repeatedly dubbed "KODO - Soul of Motion '. Ikuo Maeda, international design director of Mazda, joined two of his regional colleagues in Italy for the opportunity to share their inspiration with artists and creators from around the world, and took with him one of his creations of most avant-garde.

The created by Mr. Maeda and his team object Hiroshima naturally inspires the KODO language and will be presented in Milan in the presence of Peter Birtwhistle and Derek Jenkins, respectively directors of European and North American design. This item is not as one might think a car but a more original furniture: the chair KODO. Although a static object, futuristic chair KODO untap a real sense of movement. In a meticulous finish, this chair is irreparably echo to models of the brand incorporating KODO design, including its sloped towards the front as a loan animal leaping, evoking the sudden release of an overflow of energy be inadmissible. This chair and Mazda models also share the beauty and precision, two qualities which, according KODO designers are the same expression of Japanese culture.

"Mazda broadens its possibilities at the Milan Design Week. We are here to share our creative vision and broaden our horizons, to find inspiration in this stimulating environment and, I hope, inspire others, "stated Mr. Maeda, the origin of the philosophy KODO . "We believe that the approach adopted for the chair KODO design could affect our future models of vehicle. Our philosophy is to accept any challenge to the extent that it can lead to the creation of something exclusive. This is the approach that guided the development of a vehicle. "

Chair KODO is relevant in several respects. It offers not only a perfect alliance between the concepts of movement and art specific to the KODO language and also fits perfectly under the Salone Internazionale del Mobile - the largest furniture fair in the world and one of the key attractions Design Week in Milan. This chair is presented in contemporary space Mazda (MACS), a special area set up by Mazda in Zona Tortona in Milan famous and will be the theater of all festivities of the brand during this week. Declining the themes of "movement" and "Soul of Motion", the MACS area also house the new Mazda6 and an exclusive exhibition Giuliana Cuneaz, Italian artist whose vision is reminiscent of the stylistic approach Mazda.

Specially created by Giuliana Cuneaz for MACS area, exposure Forma Fluens expresses movement through video installations and 3D HD screens painted with ratings, sculptures, photographs and drawings, transporting the viewer on a journey captivating amidst a virtual landscape metamorphic exploring the world of nanotechnology and other sciences. Forma Fluens be presented to the MACS until April 14.

About style 'KODO - Soul of Motion'

Developed under the guidance of Ikuo Maeda, chief designer of Mazda design language 'KODO - Soul of Motion', already repeatedly premium is directly inspired by the gestures of wild animals. The KODO represents the ultimate form of motion, and energy footprint of an intense emotion, while reflecting the fierce desire to create the Mazda vehicles at once extremely modern, eminently practical and resolutely sizes for the road. The KODO style has already been welcomed by very many awards including the price of 2012 European Design awarded by the magazine Auto Bild compact SUV CX-5, Mazda's first series to have adopted this design language.

Similarly, the Mazda Takeri concept, which is derived from the all-new Mazda6 won the category "concept cars" in the 2012 edition of the "Automotive Brand Contest" (contest auto brands) organized by the German Council the design.

About the design week Milan

This event offers artists, companies and organizations only the opportunity to present their works and creations in the place of their choice in the heart of the same city. She is an emanation of the "Salone del Mobile" (Furniture Fair) which is held every year in Milan since 1961 This exhibition -. Considered as the largest of its kind in the world - attracting some 2,500 exhibitors and around 300,000 visitors.

Source: Mazda France

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