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"PROMISE HYUNDAI" program for Sonata

Clients benefit from an extended warranty henceforth and a program of "return" of 30 days on this popular intermediate sedan

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. offers Canadian consumers a new program allowing them to determine within a period of 30 days if the Sonata represents the right choice, and if this is not the case, the refund back against this, without penalty associated with its use. The manufacturer also extends the warranty coverage of the Sonata 5 years/100, 000 km to 7 ans/120 000 km. The "Hyundai Promise" is a pilot project on a national scale enabling the manufacturer to explore the possibility of providing customers with increased confidence in the short term in their purchase decision by accepting the return of the vehicle, if they so choose and by offering a longer warranty coverage for years to come.

"We are at this point convinced that customers will be enchanted by their Sonata we offer them the opportunity to return against refund within a period of 30 days or less," says John Vernile, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. "We have verified that offered by the competition and have found that the Sonata could readily measure the best cars on the market, why we can offer this type of program. Buying a car represents a great decision. And in this regard, we wish to reassure our customers that they have made the right choice and they can be proud of their Sonata. And this is what the "Promise Hyundai" allows us to realize our customers by providing a real peace of mind in the short and long term. "

Promise Hyundai is offered for a limited time on the Sonata and Sonata 2.0T (excluding hybrid) for customers opting for funding. Customers will benefit from the rebate program during the period 7 to 30 days after the delivery of their vehicle, provided the vehicle displays less than 2000 km on the clock, it has not undergone any significant damage or been involved in an accident and that the client can present proof of intent to purchase another new concession brand other than Hyundai vehicle. Customers will receive a refund of their MONTHLY PAYMENT first, plus all taxes, fees and the deposit verses on delivery.

The Sonata was named "2012 vehicle the most fuel-efficient full-size" by Natural Resources Canada and merit rating 5 star overall safety in a collision according to NHTSA United States. The manufacturer has completely redesigned the Sonata for the 2011 model year by breathing a new approach to a unique design and Hyundai called "fluid sculpture" and by providing a choice of four-cylinder engines of high technology, including 2.4-liter direct fuel injection (GDI) and 198 horsepower 2.0-liter GDI engine with turbocharger double pulse with a power of 274 horsepower, high-end engine Sonata family.

Vernile added: "We know of no competitor in the automotive industry with a program reboursement like ours. This program is the axis on customer satisfaction, which is why they will not be subject to any penalty if they decide to return their vehicle. 'The Promise Hyundai "adds a real peace of mind and increased confidence in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, and we are confident that customers will realize then that they made the right choice."

All details of this program can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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