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Volkswagen CC: henceforth it will be a range

In 2008, his debut on the European markets, it was called Volkswagen Passat CC. A nice cup four door who thought he was a Mercedes-Benz CLS more compact and especially less expensive.

At Volkswagen CC Comfort Coupe denomination means.

Since the year passes, the direction of the German manufacturer has decided to differentiate its models Passat and Passat CC, by eliminating the latter becomes the Volkswagen CC.

With the arrival of the next generation, it will eventually appear a family of new models.

A family has come

Next year, we will have the unveiling of the second version of the Volkswagen CC, which will take braid positioning between the Passat and Phaeton models, some steps.

Cutter has four doors that give birth to offspring:

Volkswagen CC type shooting break;

Volkswagen CC type four-seater convertible luxury.

The Volkswagen CC will be developed to come from the new MQB platform, released by the Audi A3 and Golf VII.

Volkswagen CC: henceforth it will be a range picture #1

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