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Car lists: Used Postmedia combines a Kijiji

Postmedia Network (TSX: PNC.A) announced Wednesday that lists Used cars for sale websites of its 10 daily and were now POWERED Kijiji, the operator of an important small website personal ads.

The Toronto publisher, which publishes the National Post, the Montreal Gazette and the Ottawa Citizen, said that his alliance with Kijiji more than double the number of Used cars advertised on its websites.

Consumers can take advantage of tools Kijiji, which allow among others to research according to the automaker, the model, the year of manufacture, price range and even the type of fuel used.

Kijiji, an online steps of the American Society eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), says its lists have more than 150 000 cars used cars for sale.

Car lists: Used Postmedia combines a Kijiji picture #1

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