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Retromobile 2013: it pays tribute to the DS

Conjugation of the past and the future, Retromobile surveyed annually the challenge of marvel the public and collectors from the 4 corners of the globe. Iconic collections, auction of extreme, animations, Builders Clubs, Artists and Dealers, all contribute to this 5-day dream. The last edition, praised by the French and foreign press, with an exceptional business climate, has confirmed Retromobile as a key event anticipated by major automotive players in old earlier this year. As usual, everything will be implemented for this 38th edition remains engraved in the memory of everyone.

October 6, 1955, after the presentation of the Citroen DS at the Paris Salon, the automotive landscape has never been the same.

Placed on a turntable, the Citroen DS sensation.

Spurred on by Flaminio Bertoni, the designer of the Citroen House, the DS was fully tested in the wind tunnel in the center for the Study of Ferte Vidame.

By its original forms, the DS seemed to come straight from another planet. True rolling laboratory, the DS innovated by his hydropneumatic suspension, his very sophisticated hydraulic system that commanded the disc brakes, the box semi-automatic and automatic clutch and power steering gear.

Differente in all respects, it is an impression of literally "floating on a cloud" that the driver has the steering wheel feels, a feeling reinforced by revolutionary interior and unparalleled comfort.

The front of the DS (which is reminiscent of the shark "Tiburon"), the details of Interiors (wheel has a single branch, revolutionary table edge) and a range of colors inedite all these items made the DS a car apart and not less than 80 000 orders were placed during the Paris Salon of 1955 (that Citroen has taken several years to honor).

LUKAS HUNI AG, heavily involved for several decades in the history of automobile premium, has a passion for several years for the world of Citroen DS. The presence of several models in the private collection of LUKAS HUNI demonstrated his passion for this model.

At the request of Francois Melcion, Director of Salon Retromobile, will be honored at the DS in 2013 Retromobile Salon.

This is a specially dedicated space DS, which recall the stand of the Paris Salon in 1955, that LUKAS HUNI AG will present a selection of the first models for the greatest pleasure.

Retromobile 2013: it pays tribute to the DS picture #1

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