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Canadian victims of fraud in buying cars online sites

Consumers should be wary of American sites selling cars online, since at least five Canadians have lost $ 200,000 as a result of fraud.

The Ontario Business Council of Motor Vehicles has indicated that these people had decided to buy vehicles by Ambient through Auto Centre, which claims to be based in Oklahoma, and has sent this company money now gone.

Terry O'Keefe, a spokesman for the council, contends that after the publication of a warning about Ambient, website and telephone lines have been closed.

The Board sent a new warning to Canadians about Husen Original Cars, announcing the sale of luxury cars on Canadian sites Auto Hebdo, eBay, Craigslist and at prices that Mr. O'Keefe calls too good to be true.

The American authorities have indicated that Husen Original Car has no license or physical address _ the address that is indicated on its website that is actually a community center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lodge an appeal at the number mentioned on the site Husen Original Car was sent to the Sprint voicemail Luxury Cars, which did not respond to the message.

Mr. O'Keefe encourages Canadians who believe they have been victims of this scam to contact the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.

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