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Eco3 three new engines for the Silverado and Sierra

New vehicles Chevrolet Silverado 2014 and GMC Sierra 1500 will be more powerful, shall develop more torque and fuel consumption will be more effective, thanks in particular has three new EcoTec3 engines designed specifically for the needs of clients full size trucks .

The new range of engines includes a 4.3L V6, a 5.3L V8 and V8 6.2 L.

The EcoTec3 engines include three latest technologies: direct injection, cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing for power, torque and increased in all conditions of use efficiency.

"We believe that these engines possess the most advanced technology ever offered in pick-up, and these are real engines for trucks specially designed according to the use of pick-up by customers in real life," declare Jordan Lee, chief engineer and program manager of a small block engines.

"All of these engines have the power and the necessary confidence to perform difficult tasks couple, and they spend discreetly in four-cylinder mode for increased in situations of driving loads lightweight efficiency.

It is a technology that no other manufacturer can match pick-up, and we offer in each of our EcoTec3 engines for all our customers, "says Lee. "It is not an option that entails additional costs. You get our best's most advanced technology, regardless of the version you choose. "

Although they have some parts in common with the old Chevrolet and GMC engines, new engines EcoTec3 benefit from the experience gained thanks to the millions of pickup factories and billions of kilometers traveled by customers in real life, while incorporating the latest materials and sophisticated combustion systems.

"The simple mechanical systems associated materials has last cry and has advanced combustion system enables us to improve the power and efficiency of engines, while reducing noise and vibration," stated Mr. Lee. "We are convinced that buyers pick-up will think our new engines are ideal for the toughest stains tools, while helping to reduce long-term costs. "

A range of three new engines

EcoTec3 the range for 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500 has a 4.3 L V6 engine, a 5.3L V8 and a 6.2L V8, all accompanied by a six-speed transmission with proven efficacy United States and Canada.

The new 4.3L V6 engine will offer customers the budget emissions engine pick-up art with a powerful enough torque for a Crew Cab to tow a trailer.

The new V8 5.3L engine is designed to deliver more power, more torque and less fuel consumption compared to the current 5.3L V8.

It is expected that the 6.2L V8 is the most powerful engine offered among all pickups.

Estimates of power and torque SAE certified and fuel consumption estimated by the EPA for the new Silverado and Sierra will be made public early next year.

Advanced combustion system for increased power and efficiency

At the heart of the range of new EcoTec3 engines, there is a system that optimizes the combustion Advanced potential of the direct injection fuel system, the cylinder deactivation, variable valve timing and other technologies.

The development of this system need an Advanced combustion design and shoots from technical services global GM Powertrain engineering design. More than 100 versions of combustion systems were evaluated using computer models before the final design is selected for each engine variant. The overall design of the engine need more than 10 million hours of computing the central unit, the combustion process itself only has cash to more than 6 million of these hours.

"Owning a pickup does not mean settling for second-class technology," says Lee. "Our new EcoTec3 engines are equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology in the world in matters of powertrain to meet the specific needs of the owners of pickup. "

For example, engines pick-up often develop maximum power in conditions of heavy loads for long periods, such as when it comes to towing a trailer on a slope or rolling in the mud on a building site. A robust large cylinder engine is ideal for providing reliable way that power and torque over the years.

"For the 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500, these engines larger cylinder EcoTec3 can instantly go from now in four-cylinder mode for increased efficiency when a lower power proves necessary. Users then get the best of both worlds: a motor pickup powerful when they need it and superior efficiency in driving conditions with slight load, "stated Mr. Lee.

The ability to more precisely control the combustion also allows new drivers to enjoy a greater compression ratio: 11.0:1 for versions with regular fuel recommended. The compression ratio is most important one of the best ways to increase simultaneously the power and effectiveness.

This increased efficiency can now be maintained in a wide range of conditions. For example, to draw a trailer on a hot day of summer, the advanced combustion system of the Silverado and Sierra can reduce the need to reduce the advance ignition to control the detonation. thereby maintain superior performance and low fuel consumption in real conditions, even if driving becomes really difficult.

The broadcasts are also reduced, particularly those produced during a cold boot, or about 25 percent less emission of hydrocarbons.

Direct injection for precise fuel metering

New EcoTec3 engines use direct injection of fuel, which precisely dose the fuel directly into the cylinder to optimize the combustion in a wide range of conditions.

The engines are also characterized by a yoke new design and with new pistons special form to optimize the air and fuel mixture in the engine for exceptional power.

The cylinder head is endowed with smaller combustion chambers designed to harmonize to the unique shape of piston heads. The reduced combustion chamber size and shape special pistons generate a compression ratio of 11.0:1 (depending on engine), while the head is characterized by large and rectangular injection ports, showing a slightly spiral shape that promotes the flow of the mixture.

For an even more efficient combustion, the positions of the intake valves and exhaust were reversed compared to previous versions and valves are henceforth slightly sloping towards the center of the central axis of the cylinder. In addition, the angle of candles has been modified electrode and is now closer to the center of the room for optimum combustion.

Pistons display a special form that has been modified by many computer analysis to direct the fuel spray more accurately for better mixing and optimum combustion. The contours of the piston heads were after molding plants to obtain precise dimensions, an essential element in optimizing the control of the flow of the mixture and compression ratio.

Deactivation of cylinders to save more fuel

The deactivation of cylinders, also known as Active Fuel Management is standard henceforth in all three engines Silverado and Sierra 1500.

New pickups make the most of the deactivation of cylinders, with supports improved engine, the system of electronic throttle control, adaptive and exhaust systems, improved aerodynamics, tires with low rolling resistance and other technologies that help engines run in four-cylinder mode for longer periods, thereby increasing efficiency.

"At GM, we are the pioneers of technology deactivation of cylinders, and we believe that this technology is perfect for improving the effectiveness of full-size trucks," stated Mr. Lee.

The system uses oil pressure, controlled by the control module powertrain to disable the buttons on the selected cylinders, thus closing the valves of the cylinders. The system deactivates four cylinders in the V8 engine and two cylinders in the V6 in driving conditions with slight loading, turning the engine V4, and reactive discreetly cylinders when driving requires more power. This transition occurs in less than 20 milliseconds and is virtually imperceptible.

"This is another very good example of using a relatively simple mechanical system and a powerful software to provide a real asset to our customers," stated Mr. Lee.

Features and highlights EcoTec3 engines Silverado 2014 and Sierra

Engines pick-up proven design: Although they have some parts in common with the older engines, the all-new EcoTec3 engines benefit from the experience gained from millions of pick-up and billions of kilometers traveled by customers in real life.

Bases engines on a compact block architecture are generally smaller and lighter than competing engines with camshafts in mind, and friction is usually lower. Although a rule size is not a criterion in full-size trucks, a lighter weight and lower friction contribute to improve efficiency.

Aluminum engine blocks for reduced weight: In 2014, three engines for the Silverado and Sierra are characterized by lightweight aluminum engine blocks with cast iron cylinder liners. Engine blocks have been developed thanks to tools and mathematical data collected during races GM, providing the very foundations of an impressive engine power and fluidity.

The deep skirt design maximizes strength and minimizes vibrations. Hats bearing crankshaft crossbar are fixed to grace block has four main bolts and two crossbars. The oil sump structural aluminum makes the lower portion of block more rigid. Thus, the engine is quieter, smoother and more reliable, even in the most extreme conditions.

Circuit advance oil: The oil circuit is characterized by a new oil pump cylinder variable which supplies the fuel based on operating conditions of the engine more effectively. Its function has dual pressure control allows operation at a pressure of minimum oil diet low, and oil pressure higher at higher diet to maximize the effectiveness of the lubrication system.

The capacity of the oil tank has been modified to achieve six quarts for the V6 4.3L engine and eight pints for V8 engines. All engines use oil Dexos GM for increased fuel economy and less frequent oil changes. V8 engines are designed to operate with 0W/20 oil for better lubrication and friction limited.

All trucks are also dotes indicator oil GM to better protect the engine recommending oil changes based on actual operating conditions of the engine oil, which allows the owner to save money avoiding unnecessary garbage.

Piston cooling by oil jet: A high speed, small jets send oil on the underside of each piston. This allows to reduce the temperature of the piston so that the engine can maintain maximum power and torque. This also helps reduce engine noise.

Rocker integrated PVC: New rocker cover domed house a system power recycling crankcase gases pending patent extends the service life of the oil, reduces oil consumption and gas Exhaust. The sections of the rocker cover dome contain partitions that separate oil and air crankcase gas in a proportion of about three times more than previous generations of engines.

Manifolds: Exhaust manifolds were designed to improve the durability and sealing and reduce operational noise. Cast iron manifolds have saw cuts along their flange mounting bolt, which etched the flange into three separate sections for the V6 and four separate sections for V8. Thus, each section remains mobile in conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations virtually to eliminate the movement of the manifold gaskets Exhaust. This ensures an adequate seal for the motor to have a long service life and reduce the risk of failure at the joints. Exhaust manifolds are also characterized by the stainless steel heat shields triple layer which limit the thermal transfer from the engine compartment to further attenuate the noise.

System cooling, humidity sensor, and more: The additional features and new engine technologies Silverado and Sierra include:

A cooling system modified with water pump and thermostat offset for superior performance

A humidity sensor air induction promoting optimal combustion, without regard to moisture in the air surrounding

All engines are equipped with a mechanical vacuum pump driven by the engine to improve braking performance

A 58X ignition system with separate ignition modules and candles has iridium electrodes

The brand new engine management computer "E92"

General Motors investment in the range of new engines EcoTec3 will create or preserve more than 1,600 jobs in five North American plants, including 400 jobs in St. Catharines preserves, which recently received $ 235 million to modernize its facilities and produce this type of engine.

General Motors

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