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Fiat presents its destiny in Beijing technology to disabled persons

The "Autonomy" program Fiat present in China. The new Fiat Viaggio, specially equipped, exposed in Beijing. Of "Mobility Centres" created by Fiat to develop new technologies.

Fiat demonstrates the extent of the technology relating to vehicles intended for users with limited mobility at an exhibition being held in Beijing, China. This exhibition, organized for the first time in 2007, has quickly established itself as an event of international quality. The 2012 exhibition attracted over 240 exhibitors from 16 different countries. It is sponsored by the Federation of disabled persons and the National Committee of the elderly, enjoying strong support from Chinese Ministry of Health.

At its booth, Fiat is associated with the Italian specialist IGIS to expose a range of vehicles equipped with technology for a reduced mobility users. Fiat Viaggio specially equipped is also exposed on the stand, which also includes a driving simulator, developed in the framework of "Autonomy" program Fiat.

The presence of this Fiat Viaggio is important, since it is the first car produced under the joint venture GAC-Fiat. The 50/50 partnership has developed and built a new production plant according to the principles of World Class Manufacturing has Changsha, or Viaggio is built with a production capacity of 140,000 units per year in the first instance. The Viaggio has been presented on the Chinese market 13 September 2012 and has already been a high interest from Chinese customers, thanks to its high level of technology, its distinctive design and interior space at the top of its category.

The Viaggio modified according to the "Autonomy" program has been built in China using a the specific technology developed by Fiat. It features an electronic accelerator integrated driving and a brake system and also integrated multifunctional steering wheel control, which makes the driving comfort for individuals that can have an optimal use of their legs.

Fiat has always been in the forefront in matters of vehicles intended for disabled users and, since 1995, the date of creation of the "Autonomy" program. Fiat installs Mobility Centres in most major markets or the business operates. Each Mobility Centre has a staff composed of professionals from the world medical and automotive industries, which are able to assess - based on tests - the specific needs of each user based on his physical condition. It is in this way that Fiat METHOD to develop solutions that will improve their quality of Conduct.

Mobility Centres offer free advice to concerned as well as specific roadside assistance drivers to solve any technical problems. Technology "Autonomy" program is available on the Fiat models Fiat, Lancia, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Jeep.

Over the last ten years, Fiat has sold more than 107,800 vehicles in the "Autonomy" program on european and Brazilian markets. The year 2009 was the best sales year of the program, with 21,600 sales. In the spirit of Fiat, ensure the mobility of every individual is not only a civic duty of paramount importance, but a goal around which the whole civil community must mobilize, creating in this way a cornerstone for economic and cultural development of a modern society.

According to the index 2010 "Census-entrants" near 6.34% Chinese (83 million people) suffer from some form of disability generating limited mobility and requiring special assistance in their daily lives. Introducing new technologies "Autonomy" program on the Chinese market, Fiat and its partner intend IGIS help to improve the lives and mobility of these people. It is also for this reason that Fiat is currently assessing the feasibility and methodology to implement for the opening of a Mobility Centre in this market.

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