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PSA Peugeot Citroen: Management agreed to negotiate but stays the course

The Chairman of the PSA Peugeot-Citroen confirms Philippe Varin the restructuring of the automotive group providing for 8,000 job cuts in France, while ensuring that no employee would be left "alone facing his employment problem" Thursday evening after a meeting at Bercy.

Management has agreed to open negotiations with the unions on the social aspects of the restructuring plan, we had learned from union sources.

Unions CFTC, FO, CGC SIA and request the opening of the negotiations to establish a framework agreement concerning the accompanying measures of the Plan to safeguard employment (PSE), first the conditions for internal transfers and external conditions or departing at a company Central Committee (CEC) which was held Thursday morning at the headquarters of the Paris group. The first meeting of negotiation should take place early in November.

"For us, this is a first victory. Was not winning the war, but it is something important. Management does not impose its conditions," stated a spokesperson Sipa Union independent automotive (SIA), Tanja Sussest.

Moreover, according to the unions, management confirms to be able to offer 1,000 jobs on the site of Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) via a re-industrialization, a figure already confirmed by the President of the PSA Philippe Varin, Wednesday.

Of these 1,000 jobs, 600 will be created by the company ID and Logistics will be installed on the site, according to a union. The objective of management, announced in September, is to save a total of 1,500 posts in Aulnay-sous-Bois in the framework of the re-industrialization of the site.

In addition, management had announced on July 12 its intention to reclassify salaries in 1500 to its site of Poissy, and was also confirmed in late September the target of 400 reclassifications for salaries of Rennes on the labor pool.

Negotiations with unions will open Nov. 7 on accompanying measures of the social plan and the government promises to ensure a "exemplary social dialogue" and still requires "re-industrialization" site Aulnay-sous -Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), which must cease its activity, has hammered the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg, during a press briefing was the outcome of this meeting a period of two hours.

PSA management, local elected Aulnay-sous-Bois and Rennes, or 1,400 job cuts are planned, and the unions were presented around the table with the minister and his officials.

"Montebourg told us he had the same goal as us. We are now waiting for the concrete, and that the government remobilised a little more," told reporters Tanja Sussest, spokesman for the Independent Automobile (SIA).

For its part, the spokesman for the CGT PSA Aulnay-Jean-Pierre Mercier said after the meeting that "Peugeot is the balance of power walking", calling on employees to " mobilize. "

"A plan proportionate to the seriousness of the situation"

For his part, Mr. Montebourg recalled that the government maintained its "requirement reformatting" the social plan, and in particular it would be very attentive to solutions Reindustrialisation sites. He announced about it two tripartite meetings state management, unions Aulnay-sous-Bois and Rennes on 8 and 9 November in order to "ensure the concretisation actions Reindustrialisation".

Thursday morning at a central committee business at PSA headquarters in Paris, the Group's management has agreed to hold negotiations with the unions on the accompanying social measures, first the conditions internal reclassification and external.

Management has, on this occasion, it was confirmed able to offer 1,000 jobs on the site of Aulnay-sous-Bois via a re-industrialization. The hope Officer, term to find a solution on the spot salaries for 1500.

Management has also confirmed its intention to reclassify salaries in 1500 to its site of Poissy, and 400 reclassifications for salaries of Rennes.

At the end of the meeting Bercy, Philippe Varin is not, however, returned to the same principle of the restructuring plan announced in July with 8,000 job cuts. "This plan is proportionate to the seriousness of the situation," he said to reporters.

But he added: "I confirm on behalf of any key employees will be left alone facing the problem of employment."

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