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The opening of Lincoln Center design marks a new stage

Lincoln today celebrated another element of its journey to its reinvention with the official opening of the new Lincoln design studio, a Dearborn, Michigan, the first new design center dedicated entirely for four decades.

This large facility, located on the campus of Centre Product Development, Ford Motor Company, meet in one place a global team of designers, sculptors, sculptors and mathematicians modelistes qualified, representing a dozen nationalities and possessing of experience in many design centers around the world.

This team works closely with a dedicated team to the development of Lincoln products, which is located in premises adjacent Centre Product Development, to the creation of four all-new Lincoln vehicles by 2015, to ensure that the brand REINVENTED has a presence in the market segments of prestige has the highest growth.

"We spend a lot of time developing solid programs and integrated design, engineering and products sharing a common vision of the development of products for Lincoln," says Raj Nair, vice-president general, global product development at the opening ceremony. "Lincoln takes advantage of the fact that we can tap into the huge global resources development products, and so ensure that we continue to innovate in the development of the best technology, once integrated in the design of new vehicles, will contribute to Lincoln stand out clearly competing brands. "

Mr. Nair gave two examples of this approach, or shifting push button and the panoramic glass roof, two novelties of the Lincoln MKZ.

The creation of a dedicated facility in Lincoln is an essential step in the reinvention of the brand. "During the Great Recession, the market of luxury in the United States has changed. An opportunity to introduce any new products in the market of prestige to offer us, "said Jim Farley, vice-president general, marketing, sales and service after sales worldwide. "The rebirth of Lincoln lies in our new line of products and results in a personalized experience new designs of vehicles that fulfill our promise of beautiful Personalized automobile, elegant, but above all, surprising. "

The new design studio is located in the nerve center of development of Lincoln vehicles, bringing together engineers and designers in one place. Approximately 150 members of the design team who work exclusively for Lincoln are also in the center.

Max Wolff, general manager of the Lincoln design is not only responsible for the design of all Lincoln vehicles but also the environment in which they are created.

The new facility offers an environment where designers and engineers truly collaborate. The studio, which looks like a loft, a glass as a wall. The cubicles are banned and leave room for open workspaces or the designers sit facing each other. The entire space is arranged so as to allow members of the development team products go, having ad hoc discussions and has put on the agenda the brainstorming sessions impromptu.

"We also gives priority to the meeting of teams of internal and external design in one space, because they often represent two distinct areas of work and, therefore, have different perspectives," says Mr. Wolff. "Now, everyone working in the design of a harmonious vehicle. "

The first vehicle out of a new studio, the MKZ 2013 will be on the market by the end of the year.

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