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Renault commercial results in 2013

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The Renault group signed the strongest growth in Europe and continues to grow at the international

In a global automotive walking up 3.9%, the individual vehicles sales + commercial vehicles (LCV) Renault group reached 2,628,208 vehicles, an increase of 3.1% over 2012.

While boosting its growth internationally, the Renault group signed the largest increase in the European market with a gain of 0.4 market share that rises to 9.5%. With 1,301,864 sales in Europe, the Group recorded a growth of 2.4% despite a European market down 1.7%.

From volumes outside Europe remains stable at 50.5% with 1,326,344 units sold. Excluding Iran whose market was closed in July 2013, the Group gained market shares in all regions, door through the success of its new models.

2013: a year of progress

• In Europe: in a market down 1.7%, the Group saw its volumes increase by 2.4% and increases its market share by 0.4 percentage points to 9.5% while pursuing a policy of selling virtuous . The Renault brand ranked 3rd in the European market and remains the leader in commercial vehicles with 14.5% of market share.

New Clio is the best-selling vehicle in France (119,367 units in LCV) and 3rd in Europe (272,741 units LCV). Captur is a leader in its segment in France (39,783 units) and Europe (86,804 units) for the month of July.

• International: the Renault Group continues to grow despite the slowdown in some emerging countries and tighter international sanctions in Iran. If registrations are up 3.8% overall growth of 9.7% excluding Iran, or stop the activity has lost nearly 64,500 vehicles over the years. The Brazil and Russia are respectively the second and third steps of the Group. 50.5% of Group sales outside Europe (+0.4 points), or 1,326,344 vehicles sold.

• New models of Renault and Dacia range meet all the expected success. New Clio Captur and confirm the success of the renewal of the Renault range, founded on the design, connectivity and efficient engines. Under the Renault and Dacia Duster is the best selling vehicle group in the world with 376,672 registrations. In Europe, thanks to New Sandero (117,868 sales, 68.3%), Dacia is the brand that believes the most (+0.5 market share).

"In 2013, Renault signed the largest increase in market share in Europe and continues its growth thanks to the international success of its new products and the adequacy of its range M0" stated Jerome Stoll, Member of Executive Committee, Chief Delegate to the Performance and Group Sales Director.

Brand: Renault resists, Dacia jumped

• Sales of the Renault brand grew 0.4% over 2012. With 2,131,494 units sold, Renault represents 81.1% of Group sales.

• Dacia sales were up 19.3% to 429,540 units, driven by the success of Duster, the renewal of the Logan / Sandero range. Dacia offers the youngest range in Europe (less than 2 years since the launch of Lodgy) and represented 16.3% of Group sales.

• In 2013, Renault Samsung Motors increased its sales volumes by 2.3% including sales in Korea and South America. The restructuring of the sales network and product offering, launched in 2012 in Korea, to bear fruit. Difficult after the first 5 months, RSM records for 7 consecutive months results above those of the year 2012.

Region Europe: the reconquest thanks to the success of new products and Dacia

The Renault Group increased its sales by 2.4% in a market down 1.7% and realized the largest increase in market share in the region (+0.4) to 9.5%.

• The Renault brand ranked 3rd of march LCV with 7.4% market share. VU, the brand maintains its leadership in VU for the 16th consecutive year, with a market share of 14.5%. Premiere brand offers 4 models have electric, Renault is the European market leader with 37.0% of market share (excluding Twizy) and 15,048 units sold (excluding Twizy).

• New Clio Renault Captur permit has to take the place of the first European B segment

• In France, the Renault brand reinforces its leadership. New Clio is the best-selling vehicle in the French market with 119,367 registrations and Captur is the first Crossover. The Group invests 6 vehicles in the top 10 most special vehicles sold on the French market. VU, brand dominates the market with 31.7% of market share (-0.5 points) despite a decline in registrations of 5.8%.

• The Dacia brand has the highest growth among brands in Europe in 2013: +0.5 point for a market share of 2.1%. In France, the fifth mark of the market, Dacia gained 0.6 point to 4.3% penetration, door including the success of New Sandero which became the third best selling vehicle in particular.

The expansion of the brand continued with the launch of Dacia in 6 new countries in 2013: United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta and Norway. The United Kingdom or the brand was launched in January, Dacia has already recorded 17,146 registrations and conquers 0.7% of market share. Dacia outperformed in many steps oriented to the decline, particularly in France (+11.0%), Spain (80.9%), Belgium (32.8%), Portugal (74.0% ), Italy (+4.7%) and the Netherlands (49.0%).

Eurasia Region: record year with 11.6% of sales, the second Renault brand in Russia

The Renault Group realized a record with more than 232,000 vehicles sold, and for the first time exceeded 7% market share.

• In Russia, the third running of the Group, the Renault brand establishes a record sales volume with 210,099 vehicles sold (+10.7%) and market share was 7.6% (+1.1 points) on a march down 5.9%. Renault, driven by the success of Duster (first SUV in 2013), is the first foreign brand and takes 2nd place in the Russian market behind Lada.

• Renault continues its expansion in the CIS doubling its volume (+140%) for a market share of 4.1% (+1.4 point).

Region Americas: record year with 3.6% of sales, Brazil remains the second running of the Group

The Renault Group realized a double sales record with 466,976 vehicles sold and market share of 6.7%, has the favor of the success of Duster and Sandero.

• In Brazil, a picture of a market down 1.6%, the Group saw its sales fall by 2.2%, partly due to the closing two months of the Curitiba plant to increase its capabilities. Sandero and Duster confirm their success.

• In Argentina, Renault takes 2nd place and the market saw sales increase by 18.9% to 141,217 units thanks to the success of Clio, Duster and Sandero. The market share stood at 15.4% (+0.6 point).

Euromed Region Africa: sales up 7.7%, with strong growth in all markets

With 388,922 vehicles sold, the Renault Group establishes a record of sales and gaining market share on substantially all of its steps: +4.7 points in Romania, Bulgaria 3.9 points, 2.3 point Morocco, Turkey 1.8 points.

• In Turkey: Renault brand is the fastest growing (+1.2 points) with 17.0% of market share. It is also the market leader with 14.6% of PV penetration (+1.5 points), thanks to the success of New Symbol, New Clio Fluence and which are on the podium in their respective segments. Dacia reached a market share of 4.3% (+0.5 points) thanks to breakthroughs in Lodgy (leader of its segment) and Dokker.

• In Algeria, in a market down 2.2%, the Group has exceeded the 100,000 vehicles sold for the second consecutive year (111,378 units) and reached a market share of 26.2%, an increase of 0 2 points. The Renault brand takes 2nd place thanks to the market success of New Symbol and New Clio is the best-selling vehicle in the segment B. Dacia wins a row and took 3rd place in the running thanks to the success of Logan and Duster.

• In Morocco, the Renault Group once again places its brands Dacia and Renault's head of sales with 47,030 vehicles sold, and holds a market share of 38.9%, historical record in the country.

• In Romania: Group sales up 4.7% in a market down 6.9%. The Group maintains its leadership and displays a record market share of 38.1% (29,986 units sold, including 83.0% for Dacia).

Asia-Pacific Region: takeoff of operations in India

Thanks to the breakthrough on the Indian market, the Asia-Pacific area increased by 28.9% compared to 2012, excluding Iran whose market was closed during the month of July.

• In India, in a market down 7.5% in VP, Renault recorded an increase of 83.1% thanks to the success of Duster (over 51,400 vehicles) which became the best-selling SUV segment C. Renault brand recorded a market share of 2.6%, almost double that of 2012. Renault becomes the first European manufacturer in this market. The brand continued the deployment of its commercial network, henceforth consists of 125 outlets.

• In Korea, Renault Samsung Motors recorded for 7 consecutive months better results than those of the year 2012. Cumulatively, the brand stabilized its sales with 60,027 registrations (+0.2%).

• In Iran, the market being closed since July, Renault has lost nearly 64,500 vehicles compared to 2012.

2014 Business Outlook for the Renault Group

In 2014, the world market should experience a moderate growth of 2.0% over 2013, driven by China. The European and French markets, their momentum in the second half of 2013 are expected slight growth of 1.0%.

"In 2014, in a context more favorable work, we confirm our strategy of profitable growth by continuing our recovery in Europe and increasing our volumes globally," stated Jerome Stoll, Member of Executive Committee, Chief Delegate to the Director and Performance Commercial Group.

Source: Renault

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