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In town without my car 10th edition held in the Old Port

AMT organizes since 2003 the day In town without my car in Montreal. The event, celebrated in more than 2,000 cities around the world, aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of the misuse of the automobile on the quality of urban life.

The 10th edition of In town without my car being held this year on 21 and 22 September 2013. Moreover, we decided to do more than a one-day event. By creating a blog, we invite people to react to the Notes which will be published by different partners of the event and the blog, and throughout the year. We want this way encourage citizen participation and interest against the public transport and sustainable development.

This year, the event change air - and area! - To land in the Old Port of Montreal. The public can take part in the discussion grace a host of activities, including TranspoCamp and a new blog that will for rent throughout the year on experiences in public and active transport.

The day of September 21 is entirely devoted to reflection and discussion grace the presentation of a TranspoCamp organized by the Living Lab Montreal. This open forum dedicated to all persons interested in the new technologies applied in the field of urban transport will be an opportunity to explore a variety of ideas and real solutions for the future.

"The TranspoCamp In town without my car in 2012 will enable citizens to reclaim the debate and explore issues related to urban transport, says Louise Guay, presidente, Living Lab Montreal. More than just a result of activities and conferences, the TranspoCamp will be a space for sharing and participatory enable all designer their concerns and their ideas for the future of our urban mobility. "

As for September 22, it will be a dedicated day to the family, allowing young and old to explore the future of public transportation in Montreal. Activities of partners show Respectables and their guests and various animations liven Place vestiges of the Old Port of Montreal.

2012 program

Friday, September 21

8 h 30 to 17 h

The TranspoCamp In Town Without My Car 2012 is an open forum on urban transport organized by the Living Lab Montreal

Sign up, it's free!

9 am to 17 pm

Park (ing) Day organized by the Regional Environmental Council of Montreal

12 h to 13 h

Visit the new train cars AMT

Saturday, September 22

9 am to 16 pm

Visit the tent Laurentian Bank and get a photo of your child disguised as a super hero!

9 h 30 to 19 h

River shuttles operated by AML Cruises

10 h 10 h 30

Show Toc Toc Toc

10 h to 14 h

Try a complimentary quadricycle (duration 30 minutes)

10 h 30 to 11 h 15

Participate in an aerobic session with AEROBIN

11 h to 14 h

Rally VIA Rail

Enter for your chance to win:

    one of the 10 Gift Voucher $ 500 each or VIA Rail

    one of the 10 monthly TRAM

14 h 30

The group show Respectables, accompanied by Raffy and William Deslauriers

All day!

Visit the new train cars AMT

Kiosks partners

Family activities, contests, etc..

In town without my car 10th edition held in the Old Port picture #1

In town without my car 10th edition held in the Old Port picture #2

In town without my car 10th edition held in the Old Port picture #3

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