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Lexus LFA Spyder with Jay Leno behind the wheel

Who does not know Jay Leno, the popular host of the Tonight Show at NBC network? Mr. Leno is also a collector of antique cars and motorcycles. Its collection includes more than a hundred vehicles and as many motorcycles!

Whether vehicles from the early 1900s or very recent cars, each acquisition of Jay Leno can not pass unnoticed, since it is a malicious pleasure to inform us through his website www.jaylenosgarage . com.

Known around the world, he took advantage of his notoriety, his website and his rare free moments to test cars that are more than a dream.

Lexus LFA Spyder

This is what he has done recently by producing a report on a Lexus LFA Spyder.

Here we are not talking about a cup which was removed the roof, but a single car in the world, which has been manufactured by Toyota, Japan. After the output section of the automated factory production, final assembly of the Lexus LFA Spyder, entirely by hand, requiring additional three days.

Jay Leno also took the opportunity to visit the Motomachi plant or the models are assembled LFA. In addition, he offered several laps behind the wheel of this unique car, the Fuji Speedway.

The Lexus LFA is powered by a 4.8-liter V10 engine with 552 horsepower.

At Toyota, we explained that the production of this unique model is nothing but a blowjob and there is no question of producing it in series unreleased model. Here is an exercise in extremely profitable marketing for manufacturer: make an around the world, inviting the famous presenter Jay Leno.

Lexus LFA Spyder with Jay Leno behind the wheel picture #1

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