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Renault Kangoo and Kangoo Express has only 112 g CO2 per km

Renault Kangoo reinforces its leadership:

Kangoo and Kangoo Express ENERGY dCi 75 and 90 have their CO2 emissions decrease in September 2012 to reach 112 g/km1.

The MPV minivan and thus reinforce their status as the most economical vehicles in their segments.

At the end of June 2012 cumulation Kangoo Express consolidates its leadership van segment in Europe with 18.6% of the market, whose 2672 Kangoo ZE

During the last show of Geneva, Renault presented its MPV Team ENERGY dCi 90 diesel engine. With this drift ENERGY dCi 110 real focus of new technologies, Kangoo became the most sober vehicle in its class, it s 'whether the particular vehicle or utility.

A few months later, as part of its demarche "Kaizen" continuous improvement of the performance of its engines, Renault has succeeded in lowering CO2 emissions Kangoo and Kangoo Express. Both vehicles and displayed 129 g CO2/km1 for 75 and dCi 90 version even 112 g CO2 / km1 (4.3 l / 100 km) for the Energy dCi version of 75 and 90 (teams including Stop & Start and the 'Energy Smart Management). These fighting and from September a new record broadcasts and consolidate their status as the most economical vehicles segment.

Concretely, the savings in cost of use of the engine compared to the ENERGY dCi 90 optimizes, is 12%. This includes the fuel economy and a drain (passage 40 000 km) on a law rolling 36 month / 90,000 km.

This new record broadcasts will strengthen the European leadership detained by Kangoo Express. Declination utility represents a late June 18.6% of the market minivans in Europe thanks to its customized offer with three wheelbase lengths (Compact, Express and Maxi) and two energies: thermal and electric.

Technical features Energy dCi 90 and 75, in a few words:

Turbo 4-cylinder, 8-valve 1.5L (1461cm3)

Stop & Start system

Energy braking / deceleration recovery (ESM)                                                                         

Recirculation of exhaust gas low pressure (EGR)

Slippers trees covered cam DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)                                              

Injection nozzles (ANI angle injection Individualize Tablecloth)

Source: Renault

Renault Kangoo and Kangoo Express has only 112 g CO2 per km picture #1

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