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Pick up 101 GMC designated as a name?

Explanation of abbreviations? ton 2500 Sierra pickup

Note from editor: For more than 100 years, pick-up GMC carries loads that helps North America develop. They were presented in different shapes and sizes with names that indicated their abilities. What do all these names and numbers? This first article in a series on the characteristics of the "Pick-up GMC 101de" gives the history of the designation of full-size pickup.

When three truck manufacturers - Randolph, Reliance and Rapid - have merged to become GMC 1912 truck range electric petrol and the brand uses model numbers ranging from 1 to 12 to indicate the payload thousands tons that could be loaded in the back.

Today, the labels "?-Tone", "? Tone" and "1-ton" is still used in the industry for full-size pick-up, although this match was by their abilities. In 2013, a GMC Sierra 1500 "? ton "has a carrying capacity ranging from 1,550 to 1,940 pounds; far more than 1000 books that implied before. A Sierra 3500HD of "1 ton" can carry up to 7,215 books, nearly four times more than its name SUGGEST 2 000 pounds.

"The convention designation pick-up based on the payload from the beginning is, stated Greg Wallace, director of the Heritage of General Motors. The models "?-Tone?-Tone 1-tone" became in a few decades the most popular among customers not only for GMC, but for all manufacturers. Although payload capacities have increased since these three designations have persisted. "

As the payload classifications, GMC has participated in other agreements appointment for pickup. In 1967, GMC was the first company to use 1500, 2500 and 3500 Designer for three models of trucks; bases numbers on the first segment of the VIN or vehicle identification which showed the capabilities of towing numbers. These numbers are integral part of the strategy of each designation and GMC full-size truck sold by a U.S. manufacturer uses numbers starting with 15, 25 and 35, representing the three classifications.

The name Sierra became the standard for all GMC pickup truck full size in 1989 after using various types of nomenclature over the years 70 and 80. Sierra 1500 2013 represents the core business of GMC trucks, while Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD has built design are among the pick-up the most capable ever produced with a maximum payload capacity at the head of their class.

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