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Bentley in your living room!

You have always dreamed of sitting in a Bentley but have never had the means? It is now possible!

Recently, the British Bentley brand was associated with the furniture manufacturer prestige Luxury Living Group of Italy for the distribution of a collection of high-end furniture. Sorry, very upscale.

Desiring to implement its expertise in the field of home furniture (Bentley is already in the office furniture), or there is certainly a dollar to make, Bentley prepares a collection that combines functionality, comfort, luxury, exceptional quality and sensuality ... as for its cars.

The colors are dozens, both for wood and leather, even if it is not mentioned in the press release, I'm sure a few extra dollars will provide inedite color your new sofa.

If we rely site, the portal site Luxury Living Group, the Bentley furniture would be distributed in Canada, but we said no more. By cons, if you like to see them live, they are exposed to the following Bentley Hotel St. Regis New York.

Although prices are not mentioned, bet for the privilege to sit in a Bentley, be it in the living room, it will cost at least ten times the price of a similar sofa from at Leon ...

Bentley in your living room! picture #1

Bentley in your living room! picture #2

Bentley in your living room! picture #3

Bentley in your living room! picture #4

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