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Summer raid for the Chevrolet Aveo: 14.000 km rally Mongolia

Adventurists a crew participates in Rally Mongolia. Their Aveo 1.2L will rally Goodwood (GB) Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). The car will be available and donations to SOS Children's Villages. One World Futobol balloons and a bag of care for children in Mongolia. Leave Goodwood July 14 - arrival in Ulaanbaatar on August 18.

On July 14, a Chevrolet Aveo from Goodwood motor circuit for an adventure completely without a net, without any assistance, are to collect funds for organizations of Child Protection. The term humanitarian Mongol Rally raid without fixed itinerary, represents more than 14 000 km.

The FIRST team Aveo Mongol Rally will take the wheel of a city Aveo 1.2 l during an itinerary full of pitfalls: mountains, deserts, potholed roads, same lack of roads, unsavory people. The trio raid, consists of a marketing director of great experience, Guy White, an investment banker, Ed Kliphuis, and a researcher in biology development, Arnout Schepers, all broken in the rally or the automobile, will take turns driving the Aveo. Throughout the journey, they will raise funds that will be used to SOS Children's Villages.

Asked about his motivation to undertake this adventure, Guy White replied: "Life must be lived to 100%, and there are few opportunities in life to do something like that. Through a third of the planet, meet amazing people, make lasting memories while doing a good deed, it is the ideal agreement. I want to be one of those grandfathers which his grandchildren ask to tell their stories. "

The crew which met - for the first time - there are three years on a rugby field in Geneva, will collect money for SOS Children's Villages in Mongolia - an organization which will also be offered the Aveo. They will also "sell" interesting possibilities of interaction for a good cause along the way.

The Itinerary

The Mongol Rally is very different from other rallies, because there is no itinerary determined. There are only two common steps that crews are required to join: the Czechout Party festival in the famous castle Klenovo in the Czech Republic, or produce music groups and the public will or camping in the near green and stage of arrival in Ulaanbaatar. That the crew can meet these three points, and the itinerary it will actually pass, nobody is able to say at present.

Some teams will opt for a southern itinerary by Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, others will choose a northern route through the Arctic Circle, others may also cross Central Asia. "To keep the spirit of a true shipment, the organizers, the adventurists refuse to advise any itinerary or to give information on what to expect to find," stated Guy White. "This is not a health walk. This is a true adventure, as perhaps can testify that the warning can be found on the website of the adventurists, noting that some people who participated in these rallies have lost their lives or have become disabled. "

The crew do think the 14,050 km in 34 days.

Along the way, the team will visit three children of SOS Children's Villages: in Vienna, Austria, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The crew will also carry a suitcase of care from an SOS Children's Village in Austria until a village in Mongolia, and deliver virtually indestructible ball has children in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

We can follow the progress of the crew on Facebook.

The adventurists have more harvest of 4.50 million euros for humanitarian organizations in various actions. The money raised will go with the Mongol Rally has the body of a child using Lotus.


The Aveo 1.2 liter 86 hp car is a standard series, but she had a special preparation for this long trip often difficult routes:

Mounting all-terrain tires

Suspension reinforced, hardened, raised

Installing a bull bar at the front and a powertrain protection

Mounting has a high capacity battery

Poses additional spotlight on the gallery and card readers in the cockpit

Adding a protective plate of the crankcase

The crew has a strong hydraulic jack, jerry cans, spare wheels and a first aid kit.


Ed Kliphuis

Edward specialist selling shares of companies working in the field of life sciences and health for a Dutch investment bank (Kempen & Co). His day job is to raise capital to finance companies life sciences. Edward has extensive experience in fund-raising for humanitarian purposes. Student at the University of Leiden, he harvest money for Kika (which helps children with long-term illness) through the Channel. It also supports a project to build a school in Mataram on Lombok (Indonesia).

Arnout Schepers

Arnout has a Ph.D. in biology of development, just unhook it in June 2012, working on stem cells, intelligent modeling disease and cancer research, to find ways to fight against cancer. In the future, he hopes to have its own laboratory. In his moments of freedom, he likes to race walk, ride a bike, play hockey and make windsurfing. He loves the challenge and adventure. That is why the crew, by mutual agreement, decided that it was he who would be responsible for addressing unfriendly guards borders and negotiate with them.

White Guy

Guy is director of marketing and has over ten years experience in international brand development, multi-country launches the elaboration of strategies range and the creation of new businesses. Lately, he worked at Procter & Gamble where he was responsible for developing international brands and markets. He is a member of the club Rugby Hermance who plays Swiss National League, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, paragliding and scuba diving.

Meet the Adventurers Aveo team

Some years, Guy was looking for a little adventure. By inquiring about him, he heard the Mototaxi Junket - a raid of Peru to Paraguay in a Mototaxi (almost the same thing that an Indian Rickshaw, but worse). During a stay in South America, he met the guy who had this crazy idea - the adventurists - and discovered they had mounted all sorts of other adventures, the Mongol Rally.

There aa roughly a year, he told the incredible moments he had lived on the Junket, and Ed told him it was crazy but awesome. A few beers later, Guy talked about the Mongol Rally has Ed, suggesting he might be doing. It was not serious. It was a crazy idea. Already, the Junket was impossible. But Ed is a good seller ... in fact, at that time the, especially a vendor who had a hit in the nose ... and that launched a Guy that if he were a man, he would. Guy, stung and a little reckless, took up the challenge and they fell agreement after the following conversation:

Ed: "It does? "

Guy: "For good? "

Ed: "Yes, for good? You deflated? "

Guy: "Wow - You know ... not repair a car? "

Ed: "No, and you ... No need to answer, remark - I saw how you drive ..."

Guy: "No matter! I will if you only do it seriously. It must be done correctly. Unhook budget and find money for humanitarian causes. My only regret with Mototaxi is that we do not harvest enough money for humanitarian causes. "

Ed: "It's OK. We go! "

This was done.

The next morning, Ed called Arnout, (which he ensures that his presence was necessary because it was the only one of its knowledge able to stop the other two from killing) which, for reasons known only to himself, accepted instantly (incidentally, who refuses to get lost in the desert of Mongolia with a biologist specializing in stem cells? ...).

The rest, as they say, it knows it.

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