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Electric Mazda2: a first foray

Although Mazda already knows a lot of success with its SKYACTIV technology found, among other things, his SUV CX-5, the manufacturer of Hiroshima still working on the development of cars powered entirely to electricity.

Incidentally, the little Mazda Demio (Mazda2) could become the first model to receive this type of propulsion.

Under its hood is a 100 horsepower electric motor fed by a battery that adds 27 additional horsepower.

The manufacturer refers to a range of 200 km.


Mazda speaks of a time charging the battery of around 8 hours on a normal setting. Through a quick charge port, 80% of the battery power can be recovered only 40 minutes.

Very soon, a fleet of 100 electric Mazda Demio will be at the disposal of various Japanese government agencies.

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