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Buick Electra: a possible return?

General Motors has renewed its rights against the possible use of names Electra, Riviera and GNX.

Here is the name Electra interested us most.

After Chevrolet, which has the Volt electric engine has prolonged autonomy, everything indicates that the Cadillac has similar propulsion would be a condition called ELR sedan. 

As it would be extremely surprising that the Buick division can not provide a turn a car powered by a hybrid or electric engine, seen here as the name Electra would be designated to become this model.

Buick Electra

First Buick Electra were introduced on the market in 1959.'s Annees'70, long the most luxurious sedans were positioned to dimensions large Oldsmobile, more opulent than the Chevrolet and Pontiac.

They were just as luxurious as Cadillac, in addition to being sold to a more realistic price.

The latest Buick Electra came out of the assembly plants in 1990.

Buick Electra: a possible return? picture #1

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