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Chevrolet has chosen its global advertising agency

Commonwealth is a newcomer form by teams of InterpublicGroup and Omnicom, based in Detroit, and will be the global Chevrolet agency.

After having tested its creative quality, Chevrolet has chosen a newly created company, Commonwealth, will be its new advertising agency. It will support the elaboration of global advertising campaigns creatives of Chevroletsur all platforms.

Commonwealth, based in Detroit, is a unique joint venture involving 50-50 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, a company of the Group Omnicombasee San Francisco, and McCann Erickson Worldwide, a company of the group Interpublicbasee New York.

Giving rise to this joint venture, Commonwealth combines the strength of creative talent, extensive international experience in the automotive and leadership in the strategic field uniquessur sector. Chevrolet has previously called 70 societesinternationales.

"This is the first time that two companies with a substantial portfolio demarketing communications unite to form a single company," constateJoelEwanick, Vice President and GM Global Chief Marketing Officer. "Commonwealth will be based here in Detroit, and it will only mission is to strengthen and develop Chevrolet into a global iconic brand. "

This choice of an advertising agency, combines a selection of the recent buying agency Carat as media space for GM, within the scope of the will of the society to make it more energetic marketing position and develop the way most effective brands in the world.

"These agency groups are expected to generate about $ 2 billion in savings over the next five years, part of which may be used to take advantage of opportunites in key global markets by focusing more on our global brand Chevrolet while another portion will be used to strengthen our financial balance, "stated JoelEwanick.

Commonwealth will be advised by an international advisory committee of eight people, who will oversee all creative and strategic initiatives for Chevrolet in the world. The missions will be managed through international platforms, which will be located in Detroit, Milan, Mumbai and Sao Paulo and which ensure the consistency of global brand within the diversity of national markets.

The committee includes four of the most recognized automotive world creatifs: Jeff Goodby, who will lead the creation, Washington Olivetto, Linus Karlsson and Prasoon Joshi. The four creatives will work on all major initiatives and creatives allocations budgets.

"We are absolutely delighted to be part of the team who wins the Chevrolet creative budget, which will go to our cooperation even further," says JeffGoodby, Joint Chairman and creative director deGoodby, Silverstein & Partners. "I was very fortunate to have been observed in this group processusun form the best specialists at the top of their art. JoelEwanick has always been willing to push the boundaries to try new concepts, and the fact that he has opened shows this approach is a perfect example. We appreciate very much to see the meaning Commonwealth for Chevrolet and for us. "

Until now, Goodby, Silverstein & Partnersgerait the establishment of Chevrolet budget in the United States, the largest market of the brand, while McCannWorldwideetait agency Chevrolet on many world markets, such as Mexico, Canada, Brazil, India, Japan, China and Latin America.

"We are pleased to broaden our relationship with Chevrolet, a dynamic brand, and General Motors," assures Nick Brien, CEO of McCannWorldgroup. "The Commonwealth solution is proof that McCann and Goodbyont farm willingness to find solutions that make marketing evolve customers' brands by focusing on creativity, responsiveness and the numerical performance. "

Commonwealth will immediately take the relaiset resume responsibility for the creation for Chevrolet in most countries, except China, India and Uzbekistan, or the activitescontinueront to be run by specific agents in these countries.

Source: Chevrolet France

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