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GMC Terrain Denali 2013 from $ 39,830

A set of technologies and of advanced security features in a series of compact luxury crossover.

GMC Announces Pricing Terrain Denali, a luxury compact crossover will be marketed in the third quarter of this year. With the longest list of advanced safety features ever proposed in a model GMC, 4-cylinder engine in line 2.4L low energy and a front wheel drive, the Terrain Denali will be offered at a price of $ 39,830 (expenses transport $ 1500 extra).

The new Terrain Denali is designed to further enhance the level of technology, performance and style already powerful and efficient compact crossover. Adding visual features characteristics of Denali, the Denali grille and chrome used fairings unique front and rear, on the outside already bold Plot enables it to distinguish even more competition.

The interior exclusive Denali includes an array of soft edge to touch, seats and door inserts in top quality leather, a leather wrapped steering wheel with mahogany trim, a Denali logo files seats and steering wheel, and more .

The integral transmission pupil the option price $ 41,780, while a V6 can be paired with either powertrain for a supplement of $ 2,025. Novelty in 2013, the 3.6L V6 Terrain benefits from direct injection and variable valve timing distribution has continued to develop a power of 301 horsepower, the highest in the category, and a higher torque improves the Overtake power and towing. The cost of the V6 also includes 19-inch wheels in chrome aluminum rather than 18 inches.

The security systems of the series include Denali Land alert prevention of collisions, the alarm output channel and the detection system of obstacles on the shelf and exclusive cross traffic alert rear Denali .

Alert prevention of collisions and lane departure warning use the first accident prevention system has a single camera industry to inform the driver via a visual and audible indication when a collision is imminent or the vehicle crosses a mark on a floor without blinking is active.

The detection system of obstacles on the sides and rear cross traffic alert help to avoid the collision by means of a radar monitoring points that are not in the field of vision. When another vehicle is in the blind spot of the field, a yellow icon lights in one of the mirrors. The rear cross traffic alert displays warnings on screen located in the cockpit, which also presents images from the back camera of the series field.

In addition to its unique exterior and interior style, the characteristics of the model series Denali include luxury amenities that are proposed in any other model Land, including a passenger seat has eight-way electric SETTINGS and superior comfort of shock in twinned the front suspension.

Other technological features and convenience include intellilink the infotainment system has voice recognition GMC integration with smart phones with Bluetooth technology and applications Stitcher Smart Radio, a programmable electric tailgate and integrated HomeLink system for remote control garage door.

With all these standard features, the options list is short Terrain Denali. A group of towing, 3.6L V6 mentioned earlier, a radio with color touch screen navigation system and organizational including a tonneau cover accessories, cargo net in the cargo area and ties racks are available at an additional cost.

Source: GMC

GMC Terrain Denali 2013 from $ 39,830 picture #1

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