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8668 people signed the petition on the Move Over Law

The regulations Move Over Law that applies in the majority of Canadian provinces and American states, is simply a force motorists take the left lane, if a slow, when emergency vehicle is based on the edge of the carriageway.

In Quebec, such a law does not exist, but suggests that the legislature will very soon make amendments to the law 57, to include similar provisions to those of the Move Over Law.

A petition was launched

Following the death of the policeman Vincent Roy Bromont, 1 December 2011, an ambulance Chambly, Patrick Dufresne, has launched a petition in March on the website of the National Assembly, to bring the government have a such regulation.

In just two months, are 8,668 citizens who have expressed their consent to the adoption of such a settlement.

Initially, the legislature were subject to this regulation only priority vehicles (police, fire, ambulance). However, in the final outcome, we should find the addition of tugs and some government trucks.

Measures that could be found in the depot of the amendments made to the Code of road safety on the thorny issue of radar devices, commonly known as photo radar.

Regulation or not, it will always be wise for a motorist to pass in the left lane when crossing an emergency vehicle based on the roadside.

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