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Peugeot reinvented its naming policy around the central 0

A plan to meet the expectations of the clientele all our destinations. In its strategy of internationalization, Peugeot chooses for its new models of conquest termination "1", and stabilizes the names of the models in "8" for future renewals.

In 1929, with 201 * Peugeot launches the three-digit numbering, articulee around the central zero.

The system of names used by Peugeot, from the history, structure in the following way:

central zero corresponds to the identity of the Peugeot brand,

the first number represents the size of the segment,

the number of units indicates the generation of the vehicle.

This system has evolved at the end of year 90, by integrating double letters to qualify the derived figures (CC and SW). Since 2005, he has enriched the central double zero, which defines the high architecture models such as 3008 or 5008.

International Development led the brand names reinvent its policy.

Henceforth, the Peugeot models no longer change their name when they are renewed. Stabilizing our names easier to read in our range and facilitates installation.

"0" mark our genetic code

"0" represents the central genetic code of the brand.

This numbering represents our history, and to assert our will Retained notoriety.

The first digit: symbol segment

The first figure lying segment of the vehicle, regardless of the destination marketing is preserved.

The final figure responds to new challenges, new ambitions

The widest coverage marches international calls launching models of conquest sue segments heart of march big volume.

The models "1"

Just like the 201, they represent the models of the brand accessible and rewarding. They come complete our range "8".

The models in "8"

Such as 308 and 3008, they retain their name when they are renewed. Models in the "7" are required to be renewed "8".

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