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Kia Sorento 2013: Major improvements

External appearance repeated with LED lights and 19-inch wheels alloy. Wide range of new amenities and technologies securit.

Kia Sorento crossover, which knows a resounding success, show many significant improvements when the new model arrives in dealerships later this year in most markets. Including these important changes include a new body design, improved powertrains to get the best fuel economy in its class and less emission, an improvement in handling, driving and Layouts , additonal devices convenience and security, and external appearance repeated.

"Since its launch in 2009, the second generation Sorento Kia has realized more than 620,000 sales on a global scale. Today, it is manufactured in Korea and the United States, last year attracting over 130,000 buyers in the United States, is being class last year as the best selling Kia model in the United States the second consecutive year, "said Thomas commented Oh, senior vice president and COO of the International Business Division, Kia. "We have lent an attentive ear to customer feedback; The improved version of the Sorento is not a mere cosmetic exercise, but an important step for our popular crossover vehicle. "

Kia designers have created new headlamps with parking lights with LED lights, a new tailgate with rear lights with LED lights, new bumpers (front and rear) with fog lights and a vertical axis greater surface of the colors of the body; also a large variety of wheels, including wheels of larger diameter (19 inches) alloy.

In the inside of the cockpit of five or seven seats, there are more soft-touch surfaces, plus a new group of instrumentation LED bulbs, a new central element having a display screen and an 8-inch new console with a straight selector lever with leather sheath on models with automatic transmission - emphasizing the luxurious look of the vehicle. Available in coating fabrics or black or beige leather inside can be bathed in natural light thanks to the panoramic sunroof optional; interior presents no central beam and is equipped with a motorized awning.

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