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2013 Ford Fusion: With metal collapsible boxes

The all-new Ford Fusion sees a characteristic safety using collapsible metal boxes, diamond-shaped square, located behind the front bumper to absorb the energy of an impact to better protect the driver, passengers and car crash.

At low speed impacts, these boxes are crushed in the most efficient way possible to help reduce the damage and subsequent repair has important components of the car such as cooling system and horn.

A high speed, these boxes will gradually crush and absorb energy and shock to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

The Ford engineers have tested more than 100 different shapes in computer simulations before defining the form of a single square diamond metal boxes presented in the new Fusion.

The surprising profile vanguard of the new Ford Fusion conceals another innovation optimized geometry that better protects the car and its occupants in a collision.

This new innovation is characterized by two metal boxes diamond shaped edge are essentially two parts of hollow metal placed between the bumper and the front part of the structure of the vehicle. In a collision, these metal boxes crashing gradually to effectively absorb the energy of impact. Diamond shape square is the result of what engineers call an optimized geometry or simulation of different shapes to find one that will provide additional protection for the new Fusion and its occupants.

"After testing more than 120 different forms, we discovered that diamond edge offered the greatest protection during a high speed AND low impact," says Raj Jayachandran, one of Ford engineers who put develop these metal boxes crushable.

How it works?

At low speed, the collapsible metal box manages the energy of the shock quickly with a force of resistance thanks to its additional corners. This reduces the race, while absorbing the forces of deformation in metal boxes. This progressive deformation helps reduce damage to the rest of the car. All metal boxes and bumper beam is bolted to the front frame rails. These parts are thus easier to repair. This protection also allows the owner to avoid the costly expenses in cooling system and horn.

At higher speeds, the collapsible box can effectively absorb the energy of impact crashing completely on itself in tighter spirals, in order to increase the safety of the driver and passengers. After a collision 50 km / h, the metal box resembles a screw overwritten due to its way to collapse completely.

The architecture of the front part of the Fusion responds to the simultaneous standards in various regions. The front part of the car is designed to meet the frontal impact standards and decale of North America, while conforming to European standards for pedestrian protection, and, thanks to hours of computer modeling and 180 validation tests.

The new Fusion offers robustness and security

The all-new Fusion is designed according to the security of customers. The engineers have increased the strength of the body using 10 percent more steel has high resistance, such as boron, and adding two knee airbags protects the first row and adaptive front airbags and ventilated anchors that comply the size, position and has the use of the safety belt of a particular occupant.

The team charged with the safety of the Fusion is the top rate safety awarded by government and public agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and the best rates in the security accorded global markets or the car will be sold.

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