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Fiat 500L: An approach to design Fiat

A "design book" to tell the creative experience of 500L project 

"Iconic" and "use of space", the cornerstones of the design of the new Fiat model

After the world premiere at the Geneva Salon, today we are presenting the design of the new Fiat 500L, thanks to the publication of "500L, a Fiat Design Approach", an exclusive volume that can get to know a wonderful creative experience , by sharing with you the gait and the reasons the origin of the project.

Animated personalities of deep sensitivity and a high capacity to interpret the evolution of the automobile have contributed to interconnect the different experiences and periods of the history of Fiat.

Dante Giacosa new impetus to launch by Fiat under the aegis of Design Roberto Giolito, there is a constant commitment to develop products that bring together a very broad background of technical and conceptual experiments and designed especially to save this "ability has the particular invention "recognized worldwide as one of the reasons for success of Italian design.

The 600 Multipla 1956 - a project which refers 500L by some architectural elements and in terms of versatility or aesthetic - to the 500 in 1957, 127 in 1972, Panda 1980, the Uno 1983 or Multipla 1998, a whole series of steps stylistic appears clearly. These true landmarks of the identity of the brand Fiat possible to understand the innovative and radical conceptual logic followed by the manufacturer.

The evolution company with 500 project, which represents an important conceptual Fiat phase of its own identity, resulting in a natural way and consistent vehicle has a "multi-purpose" as the 500L, by once again seeking the attention of public and its desire to know the future developments of the new plan product. Recognizable face of the Fiat 500L, marked by a drawing of the body which excludes edges and sharp lines in favor of forms "softer" refers to a non-aggressive "peaceful" object, which sends sympathy and brings a more harmonious vision for the urban landscape and the environment.

Fiat 500L project

Fiat 500L is the result of a journey during which the Fiat designers are faced with the themes of technological feasibility, brand strategies and studies trying to understand what was the report argues we live with the automobile future. One type of approach that seeks to go beyond the form-function relationship to put the users and their needs at the center of attention.

Observing the new 500L, we see indeed that iconicity, that is to say the strength and personality of the design of the vehicle, is a real matrix of the whole project. The objective is to continue the identification of the brand, on the wave of success of the Fiat 500, has found a strong consensus in the market process.

Developed within the framework of the new Fiat platform for the B segment, the Fiat 500L is an innovative car that caters to a more diversified and enlarged clientele, which seeks to establish higher standards in terms of available space and comfort. Thus was born an extremely functional automobile, able to "talk" with the user and offer qualities that will be appreciated over time.

Hence the theme of "performance space", one of the cornerstones around which designers have worked Fiat Group Design at the definition of the interior of the Fiat 500L. The interior is characterized by its large dimensions at the front, the maximum width of 1456 mm the shoulders while the ceiling height is 1034 mm (at the rear, these measures are respectively 1387 mm and 993 mm). As a general layout, it provides for numerous storage compartments, a luggage trunk has a capacity of almost 400 liters and a dashboard studied to group into two distinct areas but contiguous combines the board and key commands audio and computing devices.

One of the peculiarities of the 500L, sought after the early stages of development, is the extended inner volumetrie obtained thanks to a meticulous mechanical compaction parties sharing between designers and engineers. If the general arrangement of the architecture of the vehicle thus follows the principles of the "cab forward", reducing the length of the cover in favor of a gain of space inside - especially at the height of the belt line and flag - it's mostly the "empathetic" design of the 500L which exacerbates the overall ergonomics of the vehicle vocation. Easy ergonomics thanks to exploit high visibility to the outside and the brightness of the cabin, secured by the largest category of the transparent roof with 1.5 square meter glass surfaces and amounts windshield split and thinned, representing an obvious advantage in terms of both active and passive safety.

Fiat 500L: a "technological" innovation

Car use, it is able to call its functional performance and navigate all the tangible and intangible components that can facilitate the approach. The gradual acceleration of recent years has pushed the technology has become a key element and more often, functionalities offered by devices of any kind represent a reassuring and inescapable for the welfare psychophysical given.

Fiat 500L contains multiple technological content, the structure of the cell safety endowed amounts to double front, conceived in accordance with the safety standards in force in the USA or the new platform that will be used by future generations of models . Similarly, the connection network systems, navigation and infotainment use of "human-friendly" suitably simplified interfaces and a self-diagnostic device specific.

Color & Material sector of Fiat Group Automobiles has rightly realized 500L for a study aimed to classify the possible scenarios reference product to restore a sensory experience appropriate formulations. In addition to a range of options Personalized considering more than thirty color combinations for painting the body and roof, this research has applied technologies and production processes able to further raise the quality and value of physical, tactile and visual material properties, smaller details and finishes.

Source: Fiat

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