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Nest-holes of the spring do not fear the Chevrolet Cruze

The compact car world reputation is designed to meet a wide range of road conditions

Although several Canadian regions have experienced a mild winter, potholes, potholes are waiting for you, as every spring. However, it is simulated cracks and holes in the floor created by engineers from General Motors that ensure the quality of the handling of vehicles such as Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan world renowned.

The accumulation of moisture in the small holes and cracks in the floor during the winter months pass to thaw the freeze when the temperature drops, then increases, which causes expansion and contraction of the surface of the floor . Therefore, significant breakage may occur in the floor under the weight of the current traffic.

Nest-holes in the center of GM test, in Milford, do not resemble those drivers encounter during their daily displacements. These nest-holes specially designed metal are installed in the ground and surrounded by concrete. Descent and the rise of these potholes, bumps vary to simulate varying degrees of damage to the floor in different load conditions.

Nest-holes can perform simulated controlled trials and repetitive that are needed to determine the durability and precise adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable ride.

Since the launch of the model at the end of the year 2009, more than 1.13 million Cruze were sold in over 100 markets around the world, and this model has undergone extensive road tests around the world, from the Korea Kansas and in the adjoining regions, to ensure its uniform road holding and quality of comfort.

"We have a wide variety of pavement for road conditions that simulate real as found in the world," says Frank Barhorst, Supervisor Team "Product Usage Measurements and Applications" in Milford. "The tests are performed on all pavement good than bad quality of a way that we can obtain equilibrium conditions for each vehicle we design.

Regarding the durability, it may be that we wanted pavements containing nest-holes or having undergone twists. Regarding noise, we could recreate bumps on an unpaved road or on concrete age and use. Moreover, we must also take into account certain factors that affect the operation, as the presence of gravel, "says Frank Barhorst.

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