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Subaru Canada presents a new maintenance schedule 500 000 km

Subaru Canada, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new maintenance 500 000 km has for owners of Subaru calendar. According to data from Canadian sales of Subaru and Canadian registration data compiled by RL Polk, 95.4% of Subaru vehicles sold in Canada in the last ten years still plying the roads today. In light of these statistics, Subaru Canada has prepared a more comprehensive maintenance schedule, reflecting the needs of older vehicles.

"Like other automakers, we usually advise our customers to follow the maintenance schedule up to 160,000 kilometers, then start again at 6 000 km," says Richard Marsan, Director strategy and planning after-sales service. "However, as a person of 66 years did not have the same metabolism as a 6 year old, a vehicle that has more than 160 000 km is not the same vehicle that needs maintenance more recent . "

This new more comprehensive maintenance schedule was designed after an analysis of data revealed that we had some vehicle owners ceased to follow the recommended maintenance schedule after the warranty period ended.

"The manufacturers insist that their clients adequately follow the maintenance schedule when the vehicle is under warranty, because it has the effect of reducing the costs of warranty," says Richard Marsan. "I am amazed that some customers negligent of their vehicle at the cost of auto repairs upon them entirely. Especially when you know it rarely happens that a well maintained vehicle make default and need of costly repairs. "

The Subaru owners can download the new maintenance 500 000 km on Guide maintenance schedule.

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