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30 years, Gilles Villeneuve, never forget!

First 125 cases of wine Ventisette, imported at the request of Gilles-Villeneuve museum in memory of the legendary race car driver, all have found takers. Following the success of this fundraiser marking the 30th anniversary of the death of Gilles Villeneuve, the direction of the museum located at Berthierville announces that it has control at home Masi, Italy, 50 other cases of this wine from Tuscany, on behalf recalling the number 27 Ferrari last pilotees by Piccolo Canadese. An additional control to satisfy the greatest number of fans of Gilles, friends of the museum ... and wine lovers.

Throughout 2012, the Gilles Villeneuve museum will highlight several ways the 30th anniversary of the death of the legendary pilot. However, we wish to recall the exploits of the champion, his victories, his spectacular races. Gilles Villeneuve was an inspiration to many. He is one who, in his own right, has realized his fondest dream, driving for Scuderia Ferrari, the team's most prestigious race, emphasized the CEO of the institution, Alain Bellehumeur.

A Commemorative medallion!

In addition to this cuvee wine, the Gilles Villeneuve museum also offers race fans and collectors a commemorative medallion. Produced in collaboration with the company MEDALART, based in Saint-Bruno and Europe, this medallion is available at the Gilles-Villeneuve museum and the web shop of the museum ( at a cost of only three dollars! Profits arising from the sale of this item will help the museum collection to pursue its mission, perpetuating the memory of Gilles over the years, generations.

The play is produced in quantity limit. It is also possible to get it for free by joining the museum. In this very special year, our institution wishes to increase the number of its members. For $ 27 or more, become an honorary member of the Gilles Villeneuve museum and help our team to perpetuate the memory of Gilles over the years, generations. The form filling appear on our website. Hoping to count you among our supporters ... in memory of Gilles!

Wear it proudly!

Among the novelties in 2012 include the production of a new t-shirt. It is also possible to reserve now this shirt recalling the exploits of Gilles Villeneuve. Team of the museum takes orders at this time. The t-shirt, black, recall the epic times of the short career of Gilles Villeneuve F1. A beautiful piece collection in this special year. BOOK NOW your t-shirt museum honoring the legendary pilot! Call us at 1-800-639-0103!

Package hotel-museum

Why not take advantage of special events the Gilles Villeneuve museum offering you a hotel-museum package by the end of May? Also as part of the 2012 levee funds Gilles Villeneuve museum, you can book a room at Days Inn Berthierville, located a few steps from the museum has a great rate interesting. By reserving your room, you contribute directly to the levee fund our institution. For only $ 40, plus tax, enjoy a comfortable room, a breakfast for two and a free visit to the museum Gilles-Villeneuve. The number of bound bedroom has this promotion is limited. Packages are available at the Museum. Contact us today! Call 1-800-639-0103. Welcome to the land of Gilles Villeneuve!

Never forget!

Recall that the year 2012 Gilles Villeneuve museum takes place under the theme: 30 years. Gilles Villeneuve. Never forget!

For more information on these items commemoratifs, or the activities of the Gilles Villeneuve museum, call 450-836-2714 or the 1-800-639-0103. The museum is situated in Berthierville, near Highway 40 between Montreal and Trois-Rivieres. The hours are from 9 to 17 every day. You can also visit the web site.

30 years, Gilles Villeneuve, never forget! picture #1

30 years, Gilles Villeneuve, never forget! picture #2

30 years, Gilles Villeneuve, never forget! picture #3

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