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Ford Escape 2013: a beautiful sound environment

What he has in common between the amplifier tube Stevie Ray Vaughan, the turluttage Suzanne Vega and singing Rihanna? Nothing, except that the Ford engineers have used it to develop the sound environment offered by the interior of the new Ford Escape.

The buzz that we hear on the takeover by Vaughan Little Wing, the classic Hendrix, from a single-coil electromagnetic microphone amplified by tubes. This recording was used to evaluate the tonal balance of the audio chain, make sure the bass is well made and ensure that the new Escape offers an enveloping sound environment. The turluttage Suzanne Vega on this piece a cappella Tom's Dinner served a check sound spatialization audio chain; the success of SOS Rihanna helped judge the quality of meles has serious human voices and make sure the sound of the speakers is not shrill treble.

"We calibrate the audio chain so that it provides a natural sound, as if you listen to your music not in the car, but in a concert hall," said Christine Templin, one of the engineers who participated in the adjustment .

Fan of concerts, Christine revealed that crew members run the gamut of musical genres, "the rap classic" in their efforts to provide a Ford vehicle listening environment auditorium.

The work of sound engineers is divided into two parts: objective analysis, during which we study sound wave files with the help of laptops connected to the speakers of the vehicle; and subjective evaluations, or we trust a human ear to refine the settings.

Christine describes the impression that the takeover by Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat, the classic Leonard Cohen, should create in the listener.

"You should have the feeling of having been transported in a melancholy place. "

She also revealed that we had used the room Electric Light PJ Harvey to ensure that the instruments do not distort voices and serious do not shake the doors.

The Escape, which will be launched this spring, offers a choice of three audio channels: the model series of six speakers, one model has nine speakers and a model of SONY ® has ten speakers.

Compilation of success using

ZZ Top La Grange - Elements to be monitored: Net pinging chopsticks against the snare, rhythmic guitars left and right, the powerful sound of the bass guitar

Yello The Race - Elements to be monitored: The roar of a car that file first from right to left, then in reverse. "The sound should envelop you and you should hear the slamming of a car door from time to time," says Christine

Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side - Elements to be monitored: The singers seem to be moving towards the listener, which creates an impression of spatial depth. Pay attention to the tonal balance and the sound set to the foreground

Kenny Chesney Summertime - Elements to be monitored: The sound of the voice should be clear and well defined instruments that

Eminem Remember Me - Elements to be monitored: Sounds put a foreground, bass boost

Rihanna SOS - Elements to be monitored: The tonal balance, bass distortion-free, no stridency in speakers treble

Beyonce and Jay Z Deja Vu - Elements to be monitored: Serious should be equal and free from distortion. Voices should not be intersected or seem too clarion

Peter, Paul and Mary, I Have a Song To Sing O - Elements to be monitored: This is an old recording in which votes are placed on the left, then center, then right to find the best sound spatialization . Voices should retain a natural timbre

Johnny Cash Bird on a Wire - your staff in this recording, which gives the impression that Cash is in his living room, allows to evaluate the tonal balance and spatial qualities of the audio chain. The proximity of the microphone should be apparent in the rendering of the voice

Bruno Giuranna, Piano Quartet No. 1 and No. 2 Mozart (allegretto) - Elements to be monitored: The sound of the piano should be natural. The string instruments should be at the forefront

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