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BMW by interested Saab Phoenix platform

It is not an interest to want to acquire Saab, not even in part, but simply the technology Saab Phoenix.

Phoenix platform can receive small cylinder engine that can even be mounted transversely and associated wheel has a front-wheel drive, for use in development of small cars.

An approach that would provide a basis for future development of the Saab 9-1.

Besides this topic, BMW design approach had been to work with engineers to develop a common Saab to design a more economical car which could be DEDICATED both brands.

The concept 9-X BioHybrid

In 2008 at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Saab had won the Best Concept Car with the unveiling of its small 9-X BioHybrid.

Car category subcompact Premium is powered by a front wheel drive atmospheric engine turbocharged four-cylinder 1.4-liter 200 horsepower can drink a mixture with gasoline / ethanol (E85). All associates has an electric motor coupled to a lithium-ion battery. Montes solar panels on the roof provide the energy to power the electrical systems better.

GM is still in the decor

It should also be remembered that General Motors still owns the rights to certain technological approaches Saab is more than hesitant to see these technologies be used by a Competitor.

BMW by interested Saab Phoenix platform picture #1

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