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Folding electric car: Hoax or vision of the future?

And an electric folding car? It is almost reality. In fact, several figures from the European Commission in Brussels have proceeded on January 24 the launch of the CityCar. This little car has two seats, very futuristic look should be put into production next year in Spain. Several highly reputable firms, including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have collaborated on the project.

Each wheel of the vehicle is driven by a cute electric motor. When the need arises, the rear portion slides under the chassis to reduce the overall length. At this time, we speak of a shorter length than a Smart! The entrance and exit of the car by means of a door situated at the front ... like the Isetta for 50 years!

Quebecois as rational, we would like to see how it would cope CityCar in the snow ...

Folding electric car: Hoax or vision of the future? picture #1

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