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Dupont present the most popular colors in 2011

The report on the popularity of automotive colors in the 2011 World DuPont presents perspectives on 11 key markets of the automobile.

According to the report on the popularity of automotive colors in the 2011 World DuPont, published today, the white / pearl color is the car that knows the fastest growth, which puts it tied with silver as the most popular car color on the planet. A remarkable growth in popularity of white / pearl globally in 2011 has enabled it to exceed its rivals still, black and gray, to join silver at the top of the color classification of the report this year. The DuPont report, which is now in its 59th edition, which makes the report with the longest history and the largest scale of its industry, present a classification of the popularity of the automobile and the regional color trends 11 of the most important steps of the automotive world.

In 2010, when he had obtained only 16% of the vote, white / pearl shared the third place with gray in the world ranking of colors, but its popularity, which does not run out of steam in North America, combined with a thrust of popularity in Europe, China, Korea and South America pushed the rank of color in 2011, until you get 22% of the aggregate voting. Black and gray respectively fall in third and fourth places in the report of this year, while the red and blue have strengthened their hold on the fifth and sixth places.

Most popular in the ratio of DuPont automotive colors are:

1 White / pearl and silver -. Equality 22%

3 Black / black effect -. 20%

4 Grey -. 13%

Red 5 - 7%.

6 Blue -. 6%

Brown / beige 7 - 5%.

8 Green -. 2%

9 Yellow / Gold - 1.%

10 Other - 2.%

"Even if the white / pearl has always been a popular car color, the growth of its popularity during the year has exceeded the expectations of DuPont," said Nancy Lockhart, director of marketing for DuPont color.

The silver and black have long been recognized as among the three most popular colors. By cons, in recent years, white / pearl seen its popularity rise steadily on the outside of North America. According to Nancy Lockhart, its popularity has climbed more than four percentage points in 2011. "The consumer acceptance for white has increased and our customers have to buy parts from manufacturers to meet the demand of consumers who desire the clean appearance that gives color to their car, "said she added. "Silver and black were once popular colors for luxury cars, but the white begins to take up more space in this category. The general trend of luxury coupons was extended several types of vehicles. Everyone expects and now seeks to obtain an impression of luxury in a vehicle. The classic white pearl and reflections give the car a look that exudes luxury. "

North America: white / pearl keeps the first place, followed by black and silver

White / pearl, with its 23% market shares, is the color of the most popular vehicle in North America for the fifth consecutive year, and, particularly in the area of ​​trucks and SUVs or she reaches 29%. The category of intermediate cars and crossovers saw white from 16% in 2010 to 18% in 2011. Black / black effect was obtained 18% of this market in mind and was the category of luxury vehicles while black effects continue to monopolize the most important part of the market shares in the categories of luxury vehicles. The money lost market shares to finish with a total of 16% in this market, but continues to dominate the category of compact vehicles in North America with 20%. Gray is always 13% and was in fourth place in all categories and Red retains its fifth spot thanks to the 10% share of the global march of North America as it gets. Bright colors, blue or bright yellow, eye-catching shades of brown / beige and green continue to fill the market colors.

Europe: black still dominates in the category of luxury vehicles

In Europe, black / black effect with 25% share, is still popular, especially in the category of luxury vehicles and luxury SUV category in which it obtains almost 40% of the shares. Black / black effect is head in this market since 2007 and DuPont expects that this trend will continue in the future, particularly in the case of black effects. White / pearl has been a surprising increase five percentage points compared to 2010, to finish with a 20% share; this is due mainly to the popularity of solid white across all categories of model.

"White is also considered as a source of inspiration for the huge ecological trend in Europe, because the color represents modern minimalism and the technology future," adds Dirk Elke, designer colourist for DuPont in Europe . "This trend has also been considerable growth as the result of white / pearl in the category of vehicles of luxury," she says.

Gray (18%) and silver (15%) also lost in popularity this year while the blue got the fifth place with 7% of the market of the automobile.

Elsewhere in the world:

The money ends at the top in China and South Korea while it is ahead of the white / pearl in Japan

The money ends at the Global Summit in Asia Pacific works with more than 25% market shares and again this year, got the first place in China and South Korea. White / pearl has finished in second place with just under 25% of the market, and its popularity has been especially noticeable in Japan and in India, where he finished in first place.

In China, the money ends at the top of the market with 26% share, and, even if he has lost 7 percentage points since 2010. Black / black effect obtained the second spot again this year, but lost more than 9 percentage points since blue is consuming units of the small car category and because the other colors are more often chosen for vehicles in China. The fall of the popularity of the game is obvious since the popularity of blue for small cars increases and other colors are more often chosen.

White / pearl reaches the top of the report on the popularity of colors of this year in Japan with 26% share, a decrease compared to the 28% achieved in 2010. Black / black effect has also declined, ending with 20% of the shares, but still took the second place with the money who finished in the third place with 19% palmares. Blue (9%) and gray (9%) are the fourth and fifth places in Japan, with gray grew by 4% compared to last year.

"In the Asia-Pacific walk, we see color trends go to nature and the environment with the color blue," says Kumiko Ohmura, Director of Marketing colors for DuPont Asia Pacific. "We have seen a decline in popularity of black while the popularity of blue for the category of small cars increases and other colors are more often chosen in all other categories," she adds.

In South Korea, the money has accounts for almost 30% of the market share in 2011, followed by white / mother who got 25%. Black / black effect fall in the third place with 15%, a decrease of 9 percentage points compared to 2010.

In India, light shades are always at the top of palmares; White gets 28% of the market, money closely follows with 27% gray and is in third place in the country with only 9% of the shares.

South America and Brazil: money is the most popular color of vehicle

The money dominates the South American market with 30% share and also represented the color number one in Brazil. The second most popular color in South America, black / black effect, got 19% of the market and the white / pearl got the third place with only 17% of the South American market and results similar to Brazil.

White / pearl dominates in South Africa and Russia prefer black

It is in South Africa as the white / pearl gets the largest market share in all countries or markets analysis by DuPont to report this year; the vehicles that color will get 40% stake. The money comes next with nearly 22% market shares and black / black effect gets third place with almost 12% of the shares.

Russian black / black effect is the most popular color thanks to more than 23% market shares. The money got the second place with just over 22% and the white / pearl got almost 15% of the market. In addition, the green got 7% ​​of the market in Russia and, even though this represents a decrease compared to 2010, it is still more than in any other analysis steps in the DuPont report.

The exhibition of 2011 trends DuPont: "Sense of Color" presents the emotions and dynamics of color

In addition to the 59th edition of its report on the popularity of colors in the auto world, DuPont has designed an annual event trends in colors to share them with the largest automobile manufacturers in the world as they seek to develop color palettes for their next vehicle. The living trends this year: "Sense of Color" presents the emotions and dynamics of color. The senses play a major role in our faculty of perceiving colors, they are bright and simple, striking and dark, exotic or sophisticated? DuPont Performance coatings demonstrate the influence of color thanks to the impression they leave on consumers based on their preferences and their emotions; color can be tasteful or touching evoke nostalgia or be soothing. The lounge trends DuPont in 2011 is divided into groups as follows:

"Deja vu" colors in this group are intense and meaningful; DuPont remembers the shades of these colors of the past. Greens and warm reds, such as "Green Velvet" and "Flashback" are historic colors that represent the reflection, the heritage, comfort and stability. New sparkling effects and intense colors bring a modern look to white and dark red. Modern shades of gray and beige LEAD relevance and quality to colors, favorites for a mature work and exclusive vehicles.

"Sound of Silence": although the colors in this group are a little more half-tone and soothing, they are determined to leave their mark. Friendly hybrid cars environmental and energy-efficient technologies are striking inspiration for the future. In this group of colors, the influence of nature and the world of technology is constantly changing experience. The metal soothing shades "Crescendo" and "Silent Auction" and earth tones "Minor Gamut" and "Speechless" coexist in this group and this dynamic marriage is a trend that the world must consider.

"Touch of Blue": This group focuses on the characteristics of intense colors while continuing to learn from the environment, home accessories and interior decoration for what is blue bright and warm, and fashion to what is shades of pale blue and gray. The impression of familiarity and dramatic bursts of colors slightly metallic and chrome make this group a popular choice for all categories of vehicles. Among these colors are found including a highest contrast sober colors like "Tactile Teal" and "Tickled Blue." DuPont has studied trends surrounding the blue in all markets, including the automotive and concluded that it was the best niche to present new styles. Demand should continue to grow as the blue has attention around the world.

"Matter of Taste" extravagant and unusual colors presented in this group offer a choice that puts forward the international flavors. Striking shades of yellow, green, pink and purple bring life in this group of intrepid colors. Caramel colors, tangerine and several other equally appetizing attract attention and are perfect for the launch of a new vehicle, the color of a brand, for prototypes, limited editions for and the secondary market. These shades are the personal tastes of the driver front and center in their ranks and colors like "Sweet Caramel" and "Berry Fusion."

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