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GM will lend a free vehicle to a Chevrolet Volt owners worried

Quite recently, NHTSA has advised the management of General Motors that it opened a preliminary investigation on the Chevrolet Volt batteries which could be responsible for electrical fires occurred quellques weeks after crash tests performed as part of test security made annually by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Here also communicates issued by GM this topic:


GM focuses on the safety of batteries: a question of confidence in the Chevrolet Volt

• The safety and customer satisfaction remain the ultimate priority

• The owners of the Volt are concerned about the safety of the vehicle, including Canadian homeowners can borrow a GM vehicle, until the issue is resolved

• A special technical team GM is working with the NHTSA to identify possible changes

General Motors announced Monday the adoption of measures to ensure customer satisfaction and implementation of research on batteries to ensure the confidence of customers towards the already electric car Chevrolet Volt extended range.

These initiatives are implemented after six months of research and tests carried out in the United States by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tests aimed at inflicting damage to the battery by violent collisions.

Friday, NHTSA has advised GM she opened a preliminary investigation into the Volt batteries after a fire of electrical origin occurred three weeks after the crash tests carried out as part of the evaluation program for new vehicles NHTSA.

Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, has said the company would take all necessary measures to reassure the public about GM's commitment to the safety of the Volt after a collision and to the complete satisfaction of the owners a Volt.

"The Volt displays a safety rating of five stars. Even if no owner of a Volt has been a victim of the problems identified as a result of the collision tests, we are taking important steps to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers, has said Reuss.

The peace of mind of our customers is important too. This technology should inspire confidence and pride, not doubt and questioning.

However, the question remains: identify measures to be taken in the days and weeks following a severe crash, and not only for the sole interest of the Volt, but in the interest of our entire industry, eager to see the electric car mark a new era. "

Team Special technical investigation of GM

Mary Barra, senior vice-president, Global Product Development, has said that GM had set up a special investigation team with a mandate to solve the problems related to the battery after a violent collision and work with other stakeholders industry to ensure the implementation of appropriate protocols in relation to electric cars. Ms. Barra emphasized that no fire was electrical origin occurred on public roads, and the NHTSA investigation was no such defaillance on our roads.

"The research of GM and NHTSA on the performance, handling, storage and disposal of the battery after a collision continues, has said Ms. Barra.

We are working with the NHTSA to identify with certainty all the risks, and also to learn how to avoid them in the future. The problem is not limited to the Volt. We are the instigators of an initiative, in conjunction with the Society of Automotive Engineers and other companies in the automotive industry, aiming to develop new protocols, such as unloading of batteries after a violent collision. "

Ms. Barra insists that the team will continue to support the NHTSA, suppliers, dealers and manufacturing teams to implement the changes as soon as possible.

Vehicle loan program for owners of a Volt

Reuss stressed that GM PROVIDED launch a satisfaction for a Volt owners who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle. This program invites the Volt customers to communicate with their advisor to obtain a free GM vehicle loan until the issue is resolved. The owners of a Volt in Canada may contact their Volt or the Centre customer service at 1 800 463-7483.

"A program of this nature is rather unusual when there is preliminary investigation, and it testifies to our commitment to our customers and the Volt has he says. These measures are necessary, that even if they have repercussions on the current operations of the company. "

Launched in 2010, the Chevrolet Volt has won over 30 awards in the United States and other countries. The Volt has received a 5 star safety rating when tested by NHTSA and was named in the prize list of the safest vehicles from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. GM has made travel more than 1 million vehicle miles are for development.

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