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Renault Twingo Renault Workshop for the holidays

From Saturday 12 November 2011 to Sunday, January 8, 2012, a visit to L'Atelier Renault is required for a Christmas on the Champs-Elysees decale, surprising and magical:

    To find optimism with New Twingo, his endearing design, warm colors and guarantees "anti winter gloom" animations

    For family fun in a feerie mirrors and a carousel animation

    To dream with Formula1, the Twingo Mauboussin inedite or surprising concept car Renault Frendzy

    And follow in the footsteps of Father Christmas in 100% electric Renault Twizy ...

Crack on New Twingo

New Twingo adopts new corporate identity with a new Renault front emblematic. It shows a sample of the wide range of colors: Fuchsia new or Vanilla? Black or Blue Pearl Malta? She exhibited her meticulous finishing: Authentique, Dynamique, Privilege or Gordini. Typee sport or comfort, male or female, each New Twingo has its own personality and customization possibilities varied discover.

Want to touch? New Twingo will be photographed like a star and visitors can even move there to discover its new interiors. Want to magic? New Twingo Mauboussin chose L'Atelier Renault as Ecrin. By combining the expertise of Renault and luxury Parisian artist Place Vendome jeweler has created a unique jewel of New Twingo. Difficult to resist.

Share the dream family

Want to dream? The concept car Frendzy - latest-only Renault Design - mix of fun and refreshing way the universe of the particular vehicle with the utility of the vehicle. Exhibits on display alternating with F1 show cars and New Twingo Mauboussin, it already takes us into the future.

Play as a (large) child

Want to play? Workshop sparkles surprising and offbeat entertainment.

Finger and the eye: this is the movement and moving in front of the screen that everyone can customize "his" New Twingo total interactivity. With one click, the result will be publishable on the web.

By turning the "wheel of fortune" is a version of New Twingo appear that chance.

Dreamlike, distorting mirrors cover their tracks. And it is even possible, the time of a photo, morph ball Christmas!

Make a gourmet break L'Atelier Renault Cafe

Want to feast? With the "fridge greedy" children personalize their ice or rice pudding with toppings fresh. And Cafe L'Atelier Renault has created - for all - a special dessert for the illuminations on the Champs Elysees is the "gooo-you."

Track Father Christmas and wish her photo

Agile, fast and quieter than ever, this year Santa Claus makes his tour in Twizy two-seater urban vehicle, 100% electric Renault and silent. Branch, Santa Claus took the opportunity to distribute shaped balloons New Twingo. And promised, he allows himself to be captured. Toddlers or older children can therefore bring a bit of the magic of L'Atelier Renault home.

Thank you that? Santa Claus thank you, thank you L'Atelier Renault.

Renault Twingo Renault Workshop for the holidays picture #1

Renault Twingo Renault Workshop for the holidays picture #2

Renault Twingo Renault Workshop for the holidays picture #3

Renault Twingo Renault Workshop for the holidays picture #4

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