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Toyota will participate in the "Smart Mobility City 2011" exhibition

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will participate in the "Smart Mobility City 2011" organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc. under the 42nd Motor Show in Tokyo to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 30 exposure December 11 * 1.

Kiosk TMC, whose general theme will be "A not too distant future or society and transportation are closely linked," will present cutting-edge technologies under three themes: 1) Diversification of mobility and next generation charging 2) Management of energy-home vehicle 3) Systems ITS next generation (-cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems, safety equipment and automated driving).

1) Diversification of mobility and next generation charging

Toyota Smart Mobility Park

Toyota Smart Mobility Park, a charging station next generation based on a vision of society in the near future, is equipped chargers and batteries Food once by solar and wind energies that will be used to recharge eco-friendly vehicles next generation by example plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) or electric vehicles (EV) and other means of electrical transport. In collaboration with the system energy management Toyota Smart Center, Toyota Smart Mobility Park meets the needs entailed diversification of mobility and acts as management center of energy used for transport in addition to supporting future systems sharing vehicles.

Communication network for scooters and bikes

We can also see in the exhibition concept electric scooters and electric bikes lies in a communication network created in collaboration with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.. These scooters and bikes next generation wireless communicate, eg smart phone or Wi-Fi network, with the Toyota Smart Center to exchange information, such charging stations (location, availability and state of charge) on sharing services of vehicles and the state scooters or bicycles.

2) Energy Management-house vehicle management (recharge PHV / EV)

H2V Manager

The H2T manager ("home to vehicle") is a management tool supply house to recharge efficiently and economically PHV and EV sources. The user can communicate with the manager H2T (wired or wireless) from a PC, TV or smart phone to establish or change the start time to recharge his PHV or EV, as well as the total amount of domestic electrical energy that will be consumed. The system can also stop charging to avoid opening the circuit breaker when there is a peak electric consumption (eg., Simultaneous operation of multiple electrical appliances), and then resume charging when the electricity is available in abundance. The placing on the market of the system is scheduled for January 2012 under the banner Toyota Housing Corporation.

3) Systems of next generation ITS (vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems, safety equipment and automated driving)

TMC will present information on its initiative in the field of systems-cooperative vehicle-infrastructure that promotes safe driving and environmentally responsible by communication between vehicles traveling on the road and between vehicles and the road infrastructure itself. TMC will also present the safety equipment such as advanced security system pre-collision.

There will also be demonstration conducted by automated tests as rear passenger * 2 * 3 Toyota AVOS, an unmanned version of the Prius. The vehicle can go to its owner when called, can avoid obstacles and can park.

Are also exposed examples of green walls and green parking areas developed by Toyota to reduce CO2 levels and temperature in urban areas and contribute to the creation of companies with low carbon production.

Finally, in a fitted units of Microsoft Kinect * 4 (of controllers game has motion detection) area, visitors can, by means of a kind video game interface, live the experience of TMC's vision that the company will in the near future.

* 1Journees reserved for the press: 30th November and 1st December; day of special guests: 2 December; days open to the public December 3 to 11 * 2Aura place on the outdoor exhibition area on the 4th floor of the West Exhibition Hall. Reservation required. * 3Automatic Vehicle Operation System * 4A game console from Microsoft Corporation that uses full body movements as control data.

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