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Chevrolet festival 100 years of iconic cars, even in European soil

To celebrate its centenary, Chevrolet is launching the Volt electric gives 100 cars to help disadvantaged children and controls a contemporary sculpture for Louis Chevrolet's birthplace.

On the occasion of its centenary, Chevrolet is launching the Volt in Europe, the first electric car with a range extender. The Volt will be concession in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland Thursday, November 3, 2011.

"This year has been enameled many events intended to celebrate our past with our customers, employees and partners worldwide. Today we begin a new era of personal mobility with the Volt. We carry on the tradition that has always made us create cars for our customers to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves in their lives, "stated Wayne Brannon, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe.

100 birthday gifts for the mobility of disadvantaged children

Throughout the year of its centenary, Chevrolet organizes festivals, not to receive birthday gifts, but rather to offer. Chevrolet has donated 100 cars, the Spark city car in Orlando MPV and SUV Captiva 7 seater SOS Children's Villages throughout Europe, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Lesotho and Israel.

November 3, Chevrolet will present the 99th and 100th car at SOS Children's Villages of Rome at a special ceremony to be held on the outskirts of the Italian capital.

This initiative allows children and their SOS mothers can ensure their daily displacements. It also facilitates the work of social workers who manage programs approximation of SOS families, being able to visit and has underprivileged families in the countryside.

"The SOS mothers need to be mobile as may be other parents. They face the same problems to run a large family. It is not always easy to use public transport, and mobility of all our colleagues is actually crucial so that we can help children, "said Richard Pichler, Secretary General of SOS Children's Villages International.

A sculpture of Louis Chevrolet to his hometown

Chevrolet has always encourages artistic creation. This tradition will also illustrate the same birthplace of Louis Chevrolet in Switzerland, the town of La-Chaux-de-Fonds, or Chevrolet Europe will honor the founder of the company by building a work of art will be built in the Park West.

A competition between four teams of renowned artists will choose the author of the piece of art. In March 2012, the winning establishment will be chosen by a jury comprising representatives of La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Chevrolet, as well as United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and the President of the Federal Commission Arts of Switzerland.

The sculpture will be a permanent monument, reminding visitors of La-Chaux-de-Fonds (city declared World Heritage by UNESCO) is the cradle of one of the most famous children in the city and brand that bears his name.

All the energy of 100 years of history

Emigrated from Switzerland and automobile driver who did not have cold feet, Louis Chevrolet and American industrialist Billy Durant founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company in Detroit, USA, November 3, 1911.

Hundred years and more than 209 million cars and trucks later, Chevrolet is the fourth car brand in the world in terms of diffusion with more than 4 million cars and trucks sold in 2010 in over 130 countries. Translated simply, this means that Chevrolet is achetee every 7 seconds.

Today, the bowtie Chevrolet continues to evoke youth and innovation, the taste of a strong design and says, and unwavering strength. These qualities are obvious within the totality of the new range, or include the Chevrolet Cruze, who won twice the title of laureate of the International Touring Car Championship, or the Chevrolet Volt electric car rewarded more times.

"2011 was a unique opportunity to celebrate the great iconic successes in our history," says Wayne Brannon. "At the dawn of our second century, we will continue to inspire us to Louis Chevrolet and his personal motto, 'Never give up!' Never give up! "

More information on the centennial of Chevrolet are available on / centennial

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