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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2012: The racier ever offered

Camaro ZL1: 580 horsepower and exclusive technologies

V8 6.2L supercharged LSA develops 580 hp (432 kW) and torque of 556 lb-ft (754 Nm).

The power of the Allied ZL1 has Magnetic Ride Control system and Traction Management exclusive performance.

Standard equipment fit for the race including a high performance power system even as coolers engine, the gearbox and differential.

Built a factory assembly Award-Winning Oshawa Ontario, Canada.

The 6.2L supercharged Camaro ZL1 2012 Chevrolet developed according to SAE 580 horsepower (432 kW) and torque of 556 lb-ft (754 Nm) - making it the most Camaro series powerful to date.

The exceptional power of the ZL1 combines a technology powertrain and chassis including the FCT management system traction performance and Magnetic Ride Control, the third generation, exclusive.

"The Camaro ZL1 delivers the performance and technology of a supercar in the category of sports cars," stated Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer for the Camaro. "From the point of views of the sheer power, the ZL1 delivers more horsepower than the Ferrari 458 and more torque than the Aston Martin DB9 V12 while providing a better power to weight ratio than the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

"The Camaro ZL1 also present technologies chassis and exclusive traction" says Oppenheiser "to offer the best of all worlds - including balanced handling for the race, a sharp acceleration to track acceleration and comfort to conduct every day. " 

The Camaro's most powerful series to date

The 2012 Camaro ZL1 surpasses the advertised power of the big block engine of 427 cubic inches of the legendary Camaro ZL1 1969 by more than 150 horsepower (112 kW) - while meeting emission standards today. In addition, the new ZL1 is accompanied by a powertrain warranty of 5 years or 160,000 km from General Motors.

"The power of the ZL1 will ensure that you do not want to get out of the car," predicts John Rydzewski, assistant chief engineer for small block engines. "Not only will the ZL1 more power and more torque than the competition, it will also be proposed with an automatic transmission as an option to attract a wide range of sports car fanatics. "

The supercharged LSA V8 all-aluminum part of the legendary family of compact motors GM block. To ensure a solid foundation, the lower end of the engine uses a main bearing cap has six bolts that grip block and forged steel crankshaft to the cylinder block has deep skirt. Its Roots blower style 1.9L has a rotor has four lobes effective and compact intermediate cooler heads to feed a pupil air flow boost.

The LSA engine Camaro ZL1 is endowed with a single inlet system with an air filter has low restriction air two entrees and an air flow improves in the housing of the turbocharger. Other improvements include a more efficient intercooler turbocharger and an electric power steering which consumes less engine power than hydraulic steering.

The ZL1 will be offered with a six-speed manual or automatic. The manual transmission Tremec TR-6060 MG9 presents a superior torque capacity of 30% which Team Camaro SS. This ability of upper torque based on an intermediate shaft reinforces a rear casing has high resistance and a roller bearing extra. The box has also been MG9 calibree to offer a better feeling gear changes thanks to its flywheel is dual mass, his double disc clutch and triple synchronizers for changes in flexible and precise speeds. 

Similarly, the Hydra-Matic 6L90 automatic transmission was reinforced to harness the power and torque produced by the engine has compact 6.2L supercharged block. The 6L90 box includes a primary gear train strengthens acquires two additional gears, an extra clutch disc and a shaft and a gear train side strengthened. For the ZL1 also behaves well on road or track, the 6L90 box offers three distinct driving modes:

Driving: The gate gearshift is calibree to provide optimal fuel consumption and starts in second gear while staging of the gearbox provides a driving experience smooth. The paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever temporarily engage the manual mode.

Sport: The gate gearshift is calibrated for a sportier driving start-ups in the first speed for optimal performance. The feeling gearshift is also more dynamic thanks to the algorithm performance that keeps the gearbox has lower ratios in sporty driving.

Manual: In this mode, the box 6L90 offers the driver manual control speeds with upward floors for changes incredibly fast gear and performance parts.

Other adapted to track the ZL1 features include:

An engine oil cooler identical to that of the Corvette ZR1. The integral liquid liquid system is so effective that it is estimated that the automatic and manual boxes fully lend a race with the cooling unit serial installation at the factory.

A rear differential cooler, which pumps transmission fluid to a heat exchanger lowers the temperature differential of more than 40 degrees C (100 degrees F).

A high-performance fuel system efficiently provides the LSA engine under all conditions of competition. For example, the system includes additional fuel suction side of the main features, and the secondary aspiration device is moves outwards for continuous fuel access during greenhouses cornering G-force high when the fuel level is low.

Magnetic Ride Control 3.0 adjusts damping 1,000 times per second.

The Camaro ZL1 will be equipped with Magnetic Ride Control, the third generation.

The suspension uses a valveless damping and technology magnetorheological fluid. The magnetorheological fluid is made up of iron particles suspended in a synthetic fluid. When the system is active, the particles are magnetized and aligned into fibrous structures, changing flow resistance. By controlling the current to an electromagnetic coil which is located at the inside of the piston of the damper, the system varies the suspension firmness based on road conditions and driving.

"Conventional suspensions come always compromising quality rolling in favor of adherence to the floor and roll control" says Mr. Oppenheiser. "The Magnetic Ride Control offers customers the best of both worlds: A comfortable ride that makes the ZL1 a routiere everyday and incredibly precise control of roll that makes the ZL1 so enjoyable to drive on the track. "

Magnetic Ride Control uses a third generation new dampers has twinned son and helical springs double the four corners of the car. The system is more compact double helical springs - with a spring at each end of the damper - replaces the old PIECE configuration of the previous generation.

The new design allows even more precise control of the electrical current (and magnetic flux), which broadens the choice between the most flexible adjustable for ride comfort and the firmest setting for track driving. The new configuration also double helical springs provides faster reaction, the damping being degree rule until 1000 times per second - about one adjustment per inch traveled at a speed of 100 km / h - which makes the system exceptionally nervous in response to changes in road conditions and driving.

Magnetic Ride Control, the ZL1 offers three settings: Tour (cruise), Sport and Track (track).

Management system traction exclusive performance for racetracks and acceleration.

The Camaro ZL1 will also offer the series of management system traction performance, exclusivity of General Motors. First launched on the Corvette ZR1, the management system of traction performance is an evolved system that integrates Magnetic Ride Control, the rapid departures control, traction control and electronic stability control to increase performance on the race track and on the acceleration path.

For example, the control function of rapid departures (with manual transmission only) automatically modulates engine torque to ensure the best possible acceleration without excessive wheel spin. When the driver depresses the accelerator pedal, the system keeps the engine has a predetermined speed until the driver releases the clutch pedal. Then the module system engine torque hundred times per second to maximize the available traction The system is able to reproduce consistently the behavior of an experienced driver.

Similarly, on a road course, the driver can put full throttle out of a corner and the traction management system performance automatically will govern the dynamics of acceleration to maximize the speed at the output depending on the traction available.

The management system of traction performance offers a choice of five modes depending on ambient conditions and the track, the experience of the driver and his familiarity with the car and the degree of comfort research. They are:

Mode 1: The traction control is set for wet conditions, the stability control is active and the Magnetic Ride Control suspension shall be determined in Tour mode (cruise).

Mode 2: Traction control shall be determined for dry conditions, the stability control is active and the Magnetic Ride Control suspension shall be determined in Tour mode (cruise).

Mode 3: Traction control shall be determined in 1 Sport mode, the stability control is active and Magnetic Ride Control is set to Sport mode.

Mode 4: Traction control shall be determined in Sport 2 mode, the stability control is disabled and Magnetic Ride Control is set to Sport mode.

Mode 5: Traction control shall be determined in Race mode (race), the stability control is disabled and the Magnetic Ride Control suspension shall be determined in Track mode (track). Control of rapid departures is calibrated for tracks DRESSED acceleration at VHT.

"Like the Magnetic Ride Control, the management system improves traction performance experience driving the ZL1 both in everyday driving on track" Mr. Oppenheiser analysis. "By taking advantage of five distinct modes of traction management, the driver can choose the one that suits him based on his experience and driving conditions. This results in that the drivers will find the ZL1 beginners very pleasant to drive while seasoned drivers will appreciate the complementarity of the management system of traction performance with their driving competence, which gives them full control of the car. "

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