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2012 Chevrolet Sonic: Braking assists in maintaining slope

We all need a helping hand at one time or another - that is it a kick? The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic offers just that - with the braking technology assists in maintaining slope, series, all models with a manual transmission, which can help novice drivers as seasoned a better master the rough roads.

Usually, automakers launch their latest technology and features in their new luxury models and gradually equip the public large models. However, Chevrolet is launching braking technology assists in maintaining slope in the all-new Sonic, a subcompact car with a starting price of $ 14,495.

Braking technology assists in maintaining slope makes driving in hilly terrain in a vehicle has manual transmission as easy with an automatic transmission, allowing drivers to start without rolling forward or backward.

In a Sonic equipped maintaining sloping incline sensor detects the tilt of the body when the car is immobilized on a slope and sends a signal to the control system stability. In doing so, it controls the braking system electronic locking the wheels up to two seconds after the driver has removed his foot from the brake pedal.

"The system will maintain the braking force that the driver applied with the chassis control system and will hold the vehicle in place" said John Buttermore, principal engineer developing the Sonic. "This range is sufficient for the driver to safely support the accelerator pedal and release the clutch pedal for a smooth startup, always in the right direction. "

The system continued slope is like equipping drivers Sonic a third foot, to make safer and easier driving terrain accident.

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