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2012 Toyota Camry: A 7th generation

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2012 Toyota Camry: A 7th generation picture #1

2012 Toyota Camry, improved, but still conservative

The first Toyota Camry was launched in 1983. At the time, the manufacturer had taken a very big risk by replacing, in the North American markets, the very popular Toyota Corona by this most generous sedan.

Since then, she has ceased to evolve, even revolutionize the niche cars intermediate category in America and Europe.

She even became the best-selling among our southern neighbors car.

The Toyota Camry is offered to us straight out of the factory in Georgetown, Kentucky. It is also produced in Australia, China, Japan and of course, since 2007, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Today, we present the 7th Toyota version of its venerable Camry.

The all-new Camry

The 2012 Toyota Camry has been completely renewed and a bumper to another. Cote style, one would have expected a more provocation from the world number one.

Size relatively similar to those of the current model, the car will be available in versions LE, XLE and SE petrol. A hybrid version will also be offered.

On the inside, the car will offer more generous outbursts has its occupants. The board announced a redesigned board Evolution certain functionalities offered compared to the current model. The visibility and soundproofing will be higher caliber.

Three more efficient engines

This new version of the popular Toyota Camry offers an entry-level engine whose cylinder from 2.4 to 2.5 liters. V6 and hybrid engines were reviewed. All these new engines have a more interesting fuel economy.

4L 2.5 liter with an output of 178 hp (9 hp)

3.5-liter V6 with an output of 268 horsepower

4L hybrid 2.5 liters of a combined power of 200 horsepower.

The automatic transmissions and CVT has six reports remain in the program.

Mixed fuel consumption:

4L 2.5 liters: 7.0 km li/100

3.5L V6 8.2 km li/100

However, it was in the month of October to take delivery of his 2012 Toyota Camry.

2012 Toyota Camry: A 7th generation picture #2

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