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Infiniti JX Concept: Bringer of the model series has come

After having been entitled to a series of shady TARGETED photos of D'Infiniti JX concept, here we finally have the official photos right and very revealing forms of this very concept vehicle expected by dealers of the brand.

To do this, Infiniti has chosen to unveil last week as part of the holding of the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach and its world premiere his JX concept.

Note that the model of a future series will be officially unveiled in November at the Los angeles.

Here are the contents of the press release issued at about:


Infiniti JX concept car first global contest of elegance Pebble Beach

- The concept of this innovative luxury crossover has seven seats in three rows gives a first glimpse of the newest addition to the range of Infiniti models offering "inspired performance" which will go on sale in spring 2012 -

Infiniti JX concept car, the first glimpse of a new luxury crossover innovative offering space for seven passengers in three rows that will join the Infiniti range has in spring 2012, made its world debut last night at the Concours d'Elegance Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance). The JX Concept was unveiled by Senior Vice President and Design Director Shiro Nakamura before being exposed for all the activities of the weekend at the famous Lodge at Pebble Beach.

"The JX concept boosts the Infiniti design language by taking the elements of the design of the Infiniti Essence concept, but reinterpreting them according to desired characteristics in a family vehicle crossover of luxury," says Nakamura. "From the dramatic design of the grille and headlights to the D-pillar and the parabolic shape of the roof, the JX concept is a fresh and bold alternative to the many declinations without eclat that currently dominate the category of luxury crossover has three rows . "

Beyond of its breathtaking exterior, the new Infiniti JX Concept Car is designed to excel in three areas where buyers a luxury crossover attach great importance, a spacious and versatile interior, security and characteristics of innovative home.

"The luxury crossover has three rows are one of the most important categories of luxury vehicles, which represents a huge opportunity for Infiniti," stressed Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada. "As with all segments penetrated by the Infiniti brand, we intend to upset the status quo with a vehicle that will probably immediately the new reference in matters of style, hospitality, roominess and technology of telematics and advanced security. "

At the interior, for example, the vehicle Infiniti JX will offer a series of habitability should be the best in its class, even of a central row that tilts and slides forward, providing an exceptionally accessible easy in the third row.

"With the JX, a passenger can easily sit in the third row or out even if a child seat is fixed to the second row. Here is an example among others of the flexibility and versatility of the vehicle INSPIRED "was added Durward. "The third row is no longer regarded as the penalty, as is often the case, since all the seats provide enough space for adult passengers and the second row can be adjusted from 14 cm forward or back. "

JX concept continues the tradition of Infiniti in terms of developing unique technologies, including combining the system response on a new characteristic such as the prevention of collisions running back blind. Thanks to this technology, when the transmission is in reverse, the JX will help the driver detect the objects behind vehicle movement and, if necessary, the system will automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

The Infiniti JX also offer technologies designed to simplify life a little of the owners of the vehicle and help make better use of their time. Thus, we find the particular Studio Surround ® sound system has 14 speakers with Bose ® optimization technology Waveguide bass frequencies and a telematics system evolves, Infiniti Connection, which automatically synchronize the calendar of the owner and guide to his appointment.

In addition, faithful to the spirit of "Inspired Performance" Infiniti Infiniti JX will offer a fair balance between driving pleasure and fuel economy thanks to the combined effect of a powerful V6 engine and a system AWD. The Infiniti JX will also be the first vehicle of the Infiniti brand to use a continuously variable transmission (CVT) sports type, but efficient. CVT reproduce the behavior of a manual transmission when the Sport gearbox Infiniti mode is active. Further information on the powertrain and other systems will be communicated when begin production version of the all-new series of Infiniti JX in November 2011, under the auto show in Los Angeles.

"As a crossover performance acquires a third row worthy of the name and all the characteristics of Infiniti vehicles home and conduct matter, the new JX concept embodies an innovative new brand that comes trails fought for over 20 years, "said Nakamura. "We will continue to challenge the ideas received. "

In addition, in parallel to the global presentation of the Infiniti JX, Infiniti is launching the Facebook challenge "Power of 7" for the JX concept. As part of this campaign, auto enthusiasts are invited to submit inspiring creations in seven categories that relate to the Infiniti JX: epicurean, art and fashion, movie, interior design, music, athletics and technology and science. Customers vote for the presentations of their choice, and the winners of each category will receive a cash prize plus a chance to win a trip to Auto Show 2011 Los Angeles. For more information, including official contest rules, please see page / infiniti (only residents of the United States, are qualified to win the prize).

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