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Lexus GS 2013: Much more aggressive forms

The Lexus GS model appeared for the very first time in 1993. Four years later, we spent already has a whole new generation. The current version has arrived in 2005 and it is obvious that it must be replaced at the earliest.

This will be done from the beginning of 2012 with the release of the third generation Lexus GS.

Duex main models are the GS 350 has atmospheric engine versions and GS 350 hybrid will be found.

Unlike current models whose silhouette has no attributt to make heads turn in its path, the next sedan that promises will be able to enjoy a much more eye-catching style that will better identify themselves as sports sedan.

Now remains whether this car will also provide a dynamic performance worthy of a so-called sports sedan.

Here are the contents of the press release issued by Toyota:


Lexus unveiled the new GS 350 2013 Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach

    A sports sedan presenting a world-class luxury and design evoking the new identity of Lexus

    Outstanding driving dynamics combined with innovative technology

    A spacious interior with a modern architecture and degagee

Lexus today unveiled the all-new GS 350 at a press conference organized on the occasion of the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach. The new 2013 GS combines bold, dynamic styling, precise handling, innovative technology and a spacious interior. In addition to the GS 350, the GS 350 hybrid model and a 2013 F-Sport package options option will also spears in early 2012; more details will follow on this subject later this year.

"Canadian drivers intermediate segment luxury vehicles are seeking a vehicle that allows them to stand out, has said Larry Hutchinson, Director of Lexus in Canada. With its world class features, performance enhancing technology and more engaging driving experience, the new GS does not disappoint. "

Beyond its new "striee» Lexus grille, the GS is a car that inspires confidence in the driver, thanks to a redesigned frame and a wide and stable stance, and reward the solicitations of his driver with handling spirited and precise.

The engineers of the GS have to give challenge to develop a spacious interior. While leaving exterior dimensions virtually intact, they were able to greatly increase the volume of passenger and trunk to create an interior that can easily accommodate passengers and their luggage in comfort and style, whatever the distance browse .

Richly equipped with features world-class luxury into the detail, the new GS benefited a technology improving performance which climbed beyond the simple luxury car. The driver and front passenger will appreciate the uncluttered look of the new central screen high resolution control.

A new personality and an invitation to take the wheel

     The team of engineers had among its objectives to develop the new GS 350 has way make powerful and agile. They studied the Lexus LFA supercar for inspiration and have adopted some key elements to provide a more engaging driving experience, especially with a new aerodynamic body; an entirely new platform presenting a wider stance and stiffer structure; a transmission with quicker changes of speed; an engine and an exhaust system produces a distinctive sonority; and seats providing better support.

     The new platform is more rigid than the current model. The engineers have thoroughly tested the platform, which leads to an increase in the number of spot welds and adding laser welds in very precise locations. The widened track of nearly two inches works in symbiosis with the revised suspension to provide a better balance and a superior grip when cornering.

     The new suspension system is designed to help guide the 2013 GS with precision cornering. At the front, the upper and lower arm suspension are manufactured in aluminum and are dotes larger rings. The rear subframe has been completely revised to accommodate a new multi-link suspension, the improved geometry preserve the adherence of the tires when cornering and helps control the train back. Given the stiffer platform and its lighter components, the shocks can use a lower viscosity oil, which makes it easier and faster react to the slightest irregularities of the floor.

     The use of arm suspension front and rear aluminum has reduced unsprung vehicle weight, which considerably improves the agility, control of roll, ride comfort, control movements of the body and the precision management. Overall, the suspension is lighter and stronger, allowing it to react quickly to driver input and provide a quiet ride without any hardness. Disc brakes with ventilated front calipers with four pistons aluminum benefit from the latest improvements of electronics to help provide a balance and braking control.

Experience of driving a Personalized

     The new GS is equipped with a V6 3.5L engine evolved with four camshafts and four valves per controlled by a dual distribution system has variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) cylinder. With an output of 306 hp, it is one of the most powerful base engines in the segment, but also the only one to use both direct and sequential injection. It propels the GS from 0 to 100 km / h in about 5.7 seconds while consuming less fuel.

     The acceleration from 50 to 80 km / h takes 3.0 seconds barely about, and improved sound engine characteristics are consistent with the bolder and more energetic personality of the new GS. The six-speed automatic transmission lever has sequential serial possesses palettes shift and sport mode driving.

     The transmission incorporates many features adopted from the high performance Lexus IS F sedan - including faster passages, a precocious locking torque converter and demotions with pulse throttle - to support four driving modes controls the selector Lexus Drive Mode. In addition to the Normal mode, the following settings let the driver customize the driving experience:

    ECO mode modifies the operating curve of the throttle, heating of seats and control system of the temperature to promote fuel economy. In this mode, the instrument lighting changes to blue.

    SPORT S mode also changes the operating curve of the throttle and priorities passages transmission to exploit thoroughly the performance of the powertrain. In this mode, the instrument lighting changes to red.

    SPORT S + mode in addition to changes SPORT S mode provides powertrain by improving handling through sport tuning of the adaptive variable suspension, steering system and device control of the stability of vehicle (VSC).

     An AWD system has electronic control option is designed to improve traction in various driving conditions. The system can vary the distribution front-rear torque 50/50 up no less than 30/70, depending on driving conditions to provide exceptional control.

An innovative Lexus design

     The 2013 GS expresses a philosophy of design of new generation Lexus for External sculptured lines with precision that will give a new orientation to the style of all other models in the range. When designers have given shape to the GS they visualized the flow of air around his body, and as the LFA supercar, maximized aerodynamic efficiency in order to obtain a drag coefficient without equal in this category.

     The GS fuses distinctive style and functional engineering. Small fins incorporated into the side of the rear lights and trunk lines all contribute to direct air over and around the back of the car. The area of ​​the underbody situated at the rear bumper was designed to reduce wind resistance to help keep the car firmly planted on the ground. Finally, LOCATED openings on outer edges of the shell are used as cooling ducts.

     The "striee" special form of trapezoidal grille represents an evolution of the current Lexus style and literally melts in the front bumper to foster dynamic flow of air. This distinctive feature of Lexus design combines with high-tech headlamps and completely plugged DRL has shaped LED L to further enhance the confident and dynamic character of the vehicle. The headlights are the projector type adding a strong and chiseled appearance of even an excellent lighting.

     Side view, the GS projects the image of a spacious sport sedan and long that sticks to the road. The rocker tapers and door-to-short front overhang give the impression that the vehicle is still moving. The wheel arches front and rear Enlarged added to the athletic look and dynamic presence of the vehicle.

The rear bumper is endowed with distinctive exhaust diffuser and aerodynamic fins CENTERED to help control the flow of air under the body. Combined with a LED taillights L-shaped signs Lexus, these characteristics of the rear bumper contributes to the high performance vehicle appearance. Overall, the metallic dress the new GS is a considerable extension of the L-finesse philosophy that Lexus is at the heart of the design of all Lexus products.

The GS 350 will offer three new colors in addition to the Lexus color palette: Riviera Red, Meteor Blue Metallic and Platinum liquefied. The vehicles in Riviera Red will receive a coat of paint containing glass flakes to enhance the brilliance of the painting. The Lexus engineers developed a new application of liquefied Platinum Exterior painting process. The GS 350 will be the first Lexus to adopt this new technology painting. The vehicles books Platinum liquefied have a brighter appearance, additional metallic texture giving a more vivid color and more defined and more piercing glare. This metallized effect also highlights the subtle profiled body lines, and the surface appears to have received a finer polishing.

A spacious interior and a luxury Layouts

     The GS provides more space for all occupants. Thanks to the changes made, the new GS offers comfortable space for front and rear occupants.

     The improved management begins at the driver. All the interior was created around the driver and his driving experience. A dashboard emphasizes the horizontal lines habitability by furnishings in width. The framework redraws seats and any changes made to the architecture of the steering column provides better driver seat position for increased comfort, better forward visibility and a commanding view of the road. Was equal attention to the increased space for rear passengers, thanks to a greater headroom, legs and knees as well as no increased foot space compared to the GS of the present generation.

     Door opening has also been revised to facilitate access to board and exit. Trunk space has been increased by nearly 25 percent, and improves access to the trunk is thanks to a wider, deeper opening.

     The interior of the GS has also been the subject of great attention to detail to achieve a balance between luxury and technology Layouts and expressive design. New Layouts long table carved edge gives the driver and front passenger a sense untap thanks to its central epure instrumentation group and its new screen high resolution central command that has been deep, close to the firewall breeze. Most orders affecting the comfort and convenience (audio system, control the temperature, etc..) Have been repositioned to give the dashboard a more refined and more sophisticated look.

The interior received a series of many improvements luxury. A new system of automatic control of the temperature and energy saving designated S-Flow uses the occupant detection device to concentrate the flow of air only to the front area, or the passengers are seated; this technology is a first in this category. The Remote Touch next generation with a simple touch confirmation is standard on all models and enables smooth control functions and intuitive way.

The Remote Touch allows the user to control the temperature, audio system, the telephone, the optional navigation system and other functions. The menus shown on screen are selected with the controller, eliminating any movement of the hand. The Remote Touch also reduces eye movement and helps users to control the functions with less effort and distractions. A reverse camera serial promotes safety and convenience.

     The interior brilliantly realized in every detail also receives ambient lighting that unobtrusively welcomes and guides the user into the vehicle, providing an exquisite experience. New white LED lamps illuminate sequentially to illuminate areas of the doors, the center console and feet. A new analog clock with LED indicators sculpted from an ingot adds a unique touch to both modern and traditional.

     The materials of the interior include two types of specially selected wood to highlight the uniqueness of each version. Contrasting bites MADE meticulously serve as visual trim on the dashboard, the door trim, the center console, the shifter knob and steering wheel to create a rich interior space and finished to perfection.

Seamless connectivity

     Lexus multimedia devices of next generation bring a whole series of improvements at the serial entertainment and connectivity, including Bluetooth ® function improved with automatic download address book and transmission of audio files continuously.

     GS buyers will benefit from compatibility with audio and video DVD, sound improvement of MP3 files, the 5.1 surround sound and a screen high resolution eight-inch central control perch high in the dashboard . SMS based synthetic speech from text allows the driver to read text messages and send preset response to using a compatible smart phone. A three-month trial subscription to XM satellite radio serial. The Gracenote Media management system creates dynamic music playlists and a voice recognition function can recognize nicknames artists and even some bad words uttered.

     The GS owners who opt for the optional navigation system can receive a multimedia screen 12.3-inch high-resolution split - a first in the industry. The ultra-wide screen divides improves the visibility thanks to the use of high definition graphics that are easy evolues inquires and use. The screen divides 12.3-inch display is large enough to simultaneously a large map, as well as data on audio systems and control of temperature and other functions of the vehicle.

     For audiophiles who insist on the ultimate in audio performance matter, a Mark Levinson audio system 835 watts and 17 speakers is proposed as an option. The system provides 7.1 Surround Sound through 10 channels using digital class D amplifier and speakers efficient Green Edge ™, which are lighter, more energy efficient and produce less distortion - these speakers represent a first in the category of luxury cars. The new system produces almost three times the power in watts per channel as the system of the previous generation.

Integrated security systems

     In addition to enhanced braking systems and body structure absorbs impacts, the new GS offers considerable series of improvements in the systems of passive and active safety.

     The new GS receives 10 airbags, number without equal in this category, including an airbag knee protection for the driver and front passenger. The occupants of the rear seats benefit from mounted side airbags in the seats, and the occupants of the four places beneficient lateral airbags lateral curtain.

     New seats before a reduction of whiplash (WIL) increase the likelihood that their holding will be in an optimal position to the moment of impact, enhancing the protective effect of seat belts system. The seat belts in series with tensioning device and force limiters are used for lateral front and rear seats to better protect the occupants.

     Among the options for a help improve the safety of occupants include the pre-collision system, which uses the system has radar cruise control to give an early warning of approaching objects which could cause a collision. The system also uses an infrared camera has - a first in this category - to monitor the eyes and state of the driver. If the driver does not seem to look ahead of an impending collision, the system will initiate the warning at an earlier threshold. If the driver still does not respond and does not maneuver inappropriate, the system will act on the brakes up to two seconds before impact to help reduce the severity of the collision.

     Other security systems available include a night vision system that enhances driver visibility in the dark; display "head high" (HUD) and a dead-spot monitor that help detect the presence of vehicle in the blind spot and rear laterals. "With 10 airbags, uneven numbers in the category, a more spacious interior and a polished bright finish, the new GS 350 will lead the Lexus brand in the heart of the intermediate segment of luxury," says Larry Hutchinson, Director Lexus in Canada.

Preliminary specifications of the GS 350:

Power: 306 hp at 6 400 rev / min

Torque: 277 lb.-ft. at 4 800 r / min

Transmission: six-speed automatic has intelligent electronic control (ECT-i) with sequential lever

Number of seats: 5

Overall Length: 4849 mm (190.9 in.)

Width: 1839 mm (72.4 in.)

Height: 1,455 mm (57.3 in.)

Wheelbase: 2,850 mm (112.2 in)

Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive or

Weight in running order: 1685 kg (3715 lb)

Type of brakes: ventilated discs front and at the rear with anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and integrated management system of the vehicle dynamics (VDIM)

Wheel Size: 17 x 7.5 inches (series), 18 x 8 in. (optional), 19 x 8 in. (optional)

Tire Size: 225/50/17 (serial) 235/45/18 (optional) 235/40/19 (optional)

0-100 Km / h: 5.7 seconds (estimated)

Speed ​​estimated on track: 229 km / h (142 mi / h) (electronically limited)

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