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Chevrolet Orlando 2012: A whole new way of doing

In Europe, it is already considered as an MPV (minivan) Compact whose popularity was quickly concretisee.Bien it does not have sliding doors can already and the already consider as a serious rival to the Kia Rondo , Mazda5 and Ford C-Max has come.

This very versatile vehicle can accommodate up to seven passengers, but the rear seats are likely to be very narrow ^ ^.

Ecotec engine is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with a power of 172 horses. Of manual and automatic six-speed box has round off the whole.

With a fixed starting price $ 19,995, it is clear that we are in the presence of an exceptional vehicle in this niche Evolution.

The Chevrolet Orlando will be available in Canada as of October 2011.

Here is the press release about him:


The 2012 Chevrolet Orlando redefines the family transportation

Like other Chevrolet models spears lately on various markets, the all-new 2012 Orlando breaks conventions. By its body concept - versatile mid-vehicle, mid-crossover - Orlando change the rules of a category far rather timid, standing out brightly from the mass of its congeners. The price range of the 2012 Chevrolet Orlando begins at an MSRP of $ 19,995 for the LS, of $ 22,295 for the LT and $ 29,735 for the LTZ, the better equipped.

Orlando demonstrates how innovation in matters of design can transform the character far rather banal a family car to create a totally different experience for both driver and passengers. This difference becomes clear when we take a look at the vital characteristics, starting with overall length. Orlando is remarkably compact for a vehicle can accommodate up to seven people in comfort. It is part of the transformation campaign in full swing at Chevrolet, reaffirming the commitment to build vehicles refined and sober at the pump, thanks in particular to the use of four-cylinder engines of low cylinder. It is expected that it offers the lowest of all the non-hybrid vehicle has 7 seats consumption - 10.1 L/100 km in the city and 6.7 L/100 km on the highway.

"The new Orlando illustrates the transformation of the Chevrolet range in a portfolio of simple and versatile products, it extends to a category-cle of the Canadian market, the family-oriented vehicles has said Kevin Williams, president and general director of the General Motors of "Canada." With the lowest consumption category and expected Layouts 7 places serie, Orlando should affect Canadian families to the heart. "

The new compact multipurpose vehicle Chevrolet brings more personalized style to the category, with a roof and a low loader crossover inspired silhouette, while retaining the distinctive face of Chevrolet, including its split grille and bow-tie emblem.

Derivative of the concept car unveiled in 2008, the Chevrolet Orlando is nevertheless not a true family with the last style combining the convenience of its 7 seats, an adaptable Layouts and a generous utility space dimensions .

It offers a refreshing alternative solution compared to many family minivans and crossovers on the market. Chevrolet distinctive grille is supplemented with a silhouette characterized by a low loader roof and wheel openings muscled of large size, which house wheels 16 or 18 inches. They accentuate the "bodywork inside wheels on the outside" style while providing the agility and balance of Orlando.

Versatility of Layouts

If the exterior appearance of the new Orlando is guaranteed to turn heads, its interior fittings also benefited from recent cosmetic finds such as the Chevrolet dual cockpit-inspired Corvette and diffuse bluish backlighting to the center console. There are three rows of seats in tiers: despite the low roofline, the designers were able to raise the second and third rows for passengers of Orlando enjoy a better view both forwards on the odds without missing headroom. Even the headroom in the third row is higher than that of many competitors versatile vehicles.

Many configurations are possible seats, files second and third rows can be folded separately or simultaneously to form a perfectly flat load floor. The left and right halves of the second row can also switch once folded for easy access to the third row. When it comes to carrying heavy loads, the utility of the Orlando area is one of the larger category of almost 1,594 liters being freed when both rows of rear seats are folded.

Good family car takes a spot needs a lot of storage space for everything you can get started. As the original concept car, the final production version of the Orlando fully responds to this need with a variety of compartments of various sizes and shapes distributed everywhere on board, including two large cup holders on the console Central, the card holder and bottle holder on the front doors and rear as well as several individual compartments in the cargo area. However, the most ingenious is probably the compartment hidden behind the facade radio within reach of the driver and front passenger hand. Seen for the first time in the Orlando concept car, it opens within the frontage of the sound system; the engineers were able to integrate this place has a compartment large enough to accommodate items such as an MP3 player, sunglasses and wallets. Even within this compartment are an auxiliary audio jack and a USB serial optional depending on the trim level, for an MP3 player or an iPod.

Ecotec sober and six speed box

If Orlando is optimized in terms of interior volume, its premium four cylinder Ecotec 2.4L is just as impressive with its low power consumption - indeed, it is expected that it will be most economical niche of the seven-seater non-hybrid. A pair of six-speed transmissions - manual and automatic six-speed has both - is available to operate the 174-hp 4-cylinder Ecotec 2.4 L direct injection. The manual transmission can realize 6.7 L/100 km on the highway and 10.1 L/100 km in the city while the automatic retains a very reasonable consumption of 6.9 L/100 km on the highway and 10.6 L/100 km in the city.

Automatic box exchange ratio clenching and unclenching the clutches simultaneously, which gives a more direct feel for the driver if we compare the mechanisms or the change occurs in a "free wheel" phase. On the road, an extended range of breeding programs speeds allows a box to follow the style and habits of conduct, whether providing for privileging maximum acceleration or maximum efficiency. The electronic control system also adapts to road conditions, especially by reducing the tendency to change speeds up and down and exploiting the engine brake demotion.

The six-speed automatic transmission also offers manual control ActiveSelect that allows sequential selection speed by the driver using the shift lever. It also presents an automatic feature selection neutral at idle, which reduces vibration and fuel consumption.

Handling and ride comfort

Derivative of the Cruze sedan Chevrolet, Award-Winning and appreciated by the public and has already proven itself in matters of handling, Orlando ensures the driver has a reassuring experience, but nevertheless exciting. Proven suspension of Orlando consists of McPherson struts at the front axle and a composite torsion bar at the rear.

Picking the winning characteristics of the Cruze, the undercarriage of Orlando is optimized to provide the ideal compromise between ride comfort and agility. The McPherson strut front suspension are equipped with hydraulic bushings usually reserved for more expensive models, for better insulation for occupants and more effective smoothing irregular surfaces for roads.

The system evolved from composite torsion bar employee in the back offers the ideal compromise between handling and economy of weight and space. In addition, a torsion bar system can be easily optimized depending on the configuration and weight of the vehicle.

Security and protection

The undercarriage and body of Orlando are also designed in providing for large safety reserves. The front brakes have a 16 inch ventilated throughout the range are associated with the rear 16 inch records and a full ABS electronic system acting on all four wheels. All models also benefit from a electronic brakeforce distribution, system which regulates the braking force at each wheel to maintain minimum distances to stop, traction control for wet or otherwise slippery surfaces, the control of the stability electronic and hydraulic assistance.

The safety of occupants being of paramount importance in this category, the Orlando is provided with a complete list of safety features and protection: emergency brake assist and brake control device in turn, StabiliTrak traction controlled, six airbags series, headrest has all seats, pedals security system, electric lock security for children in the rear doors, conversation mirror and supervision of children, system OnStar subscription series with six months of Directions and troubleshooting, and Euro NCAP safety rating of 5 (making it one of the best cars quoted on Europe in 2011).

The largest part of the body structure of Orlando is realized in high resistance steel to form an effective safety cage protecting the occupants in a frontal collision, rear or lateral. In a collision, occupants are also protected by six airbags - two front, two side and two curtain.

One of the biggest challenges for emergency services at the scene of an accident is to help the occupants out when the doors are locked. However, this is not a scenario that the owner of Orlando has to fear, thanks to the technology shock sensor that automatically unlocks the doors to the detection of a collision.

Finally, as most models Chevrolet Cruze is available with the OnStar system, which includes automatic assistance service in case of impact, as well as new service Evaluation of the severity of the collision. This feature allows OnStar advisors alert first responders when occupants are likely to be seriously injured in a collision. Automatic Crash Assistance uses the data transmitted by the sensors integrated in the vehicle; an airbag deploys or not, these data can alert an OnStar Advisor when the vehicle is involved in a frontal collision, rear or lateral average severity was high.

The Chevrolet Orlando is produced to the General Motors assembly plant in South Korea; it will make its arrival at Chevrolet dealerships across the country in October 2011.

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