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Thousand and one Renault 4 at "4L International" for 50 years of the Renault 4

• One thousand cars "jeans" from the 4 corners of the world will gather at the "4L International" from 15 to 17 July Thenay (Loir-et-Cher).

• Unique: the "Saline4Fun" participate from August 13 to 19 next to the Speed ​​Week Salt Lake City (Utah). Objective: 280 km / h.

In this year of the fiftieth anniversary of the Renault 4, 4L miles from the 4 corners of Europe and even further afield are expected from 15 to 17 July Thenay (Loir et Cher - France) for the third "4L International" which meets for two days and a half the passionate of "blue jeans car '.

Participants will discover the surprises was reserved for them Renault Classic, partner of the event and in particular, the presence of Jean Ragnotti - which will have one of the participants, after a draw, the Renault 4 with which he participated in the last Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. A selection of exceptional Renault from Renault collection or private collections will also be present.

However, one thousand-first Renault 4 presents attract attention.

Indeed, if the "car blue jeans" and has experienced many things during his long and successful career (8,135,424 copies sold in over 100 countries in 31 years of business life), it is the the first time it acquires a 290 hp engine in an attempt to reach the speed of 280 km / h in a straight line!

The Triplets of Bonneville and Renault Classic will present, in fact for the first time to the public, the Renault 4 van, referred to as "Saline4Fun." She will attend the August 13 to 19 next to the Speed ​​Week in Salt Lake City (Utah). Objective: To beat a speed record at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats (USA).

These events are part of the calendar of events planned this year to celebrate 50 years of the Renault 4, emblematic model of the diamond brand.

APPENDIX 1: The "4L International"

For the third consecutive year, the 4L International meeting, which brings together the passionate throughout Europe and even beyond, to be held in France Thenay (Loir et Cher), in the tourist area of ​​the chateaux of the Loire.

The rally is supported by Renault 4L Magazine and Classic since its first edition.

The "4L International" is an opportunity for passionate to:

• meet and admire the vehicles of the different participants,

• attend demonstrations of famous drivers and personalities whose image is attached to the Renault 4

• discover the vehicles exposed by Renault Classic

• discover the region through a tourist rally,

• sell or buy parts and accessories in the market village.

• strong involvement of Renault Classic which will present fifteen Renault 4

• a raffle to win the Renault 4 with which John Ragnotti participates in Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2011

• various contests and games,

• a concert on Saturday evening.

For 50 years of the Renault 4, a special pomp will give to this event with:

THE "Saline4Fun"

The project Triplets de Bonneville was a roll, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the model, an unlikely Renault 4 F4 on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA, in August 2011.

This required:

• make performance car, by adding an adapted mechanical,

• put in conformity with the regulations SCTA,

• the transport on site and roll on the Bonneville Salt.

The last two points being the responsibility of Triplets, he took all the competence of Renault Classic to optimize the first.

An unlikely Renault 4

The passion and enthusiasm of Triplets of Bonneville correspond perfectly to the Renault 4. This new challenge (make performance car, by adding an adapted mechanical) adds a new facet to the polymorphic side of the 4L Renault Classic embarks on the adventure at his side.

Triplets and Classic Renault agree to maintain her original appearance.

After some hesitation on the choice of mechanics, it is ultimately an engine Renault 5 Turbo, levied temporary way on a vehicle of the collection, which is used. Renault Classic is responsible for the implementation of this engine in the Renault 4, adaptation and implementation of a specific transmission, adaptation of the platform of the elements steering suspension and braking , the electric beam, the gas supply circuit and the preparation and painting of the body. Renault Sport Technologies Renault Classic augments and provides advice and assistance (including the completion of the electric beam).

The "Saline4Fun" is born.

Externally, only an extremely reduced ground clearance, and a few "details" as the exhaust exiting the front wing or parachute girafon possible to predict that this nice van has superior performance to those of Renault 4 vans; those who have made so many services has many artisans and fleets of large companies or governments.

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