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Mary Barra is the new boss of General Motors

Advanced technologies ensure the accuracy of the comparisons with the competition

This is the precision and not patriotism that motivates the use of red light, white and light blue by Team comparison with competition from General Motors to scan with surgical precision competing vehicles.

High technology strengths and weaknesses research is performed about three dozen times a year across the globe for selected models of strategic way are completely new or have new systems and technologies.

The scanner light red white and blue captures the mathematically precise 3D images of structures and components of vehicles. Comprehensive series of scans undergo a reverse engineering process to be transformed into computer models for comparison with the GM design.

Lessons learned as a result of these comparisons enable a cost reduction and weight as well as improvements to the quality vehicles for Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC each year model. The team also disassembled and analyzes GM vehicles to validate parts, control the quality of manufacturing processes and adjust the irregularities with the parts.

"The 3D scanning is a fast and economical method to keep abreast of the rapid progress observed in the entire industry, stated Larry Pecar, Senior Supervisor comparison with the competition from GM. The technology also allows us to better understand the reasons reminders other automakers to be better equipped to avoid reproducing the same errors. "

GM uses 3D scanning for over a decade. Technology projects beams of red lights, white or blue on the surface of the vehicle while the camera or sensor captures and stores the contours of the place or object in space as well as its orientation.

Although either of these systems can scan small parts to complete the vehicles, blue light or white is more appropriate to scan a complete vehicle, including all exterior surfaces. Scanners has blue light can also be measured inside the vehicle and the location of the components under the hood and under the body.

Scanning a white light is similar to the photographic process, but it is an older and less frequently used nowadays due to the advanced capabilities of the blue light technology.

The poll red light is ideal to capture the details of components and parts for vehicles already withdrawn. By combining the data obtained from scans a red and blue light, the engineers can take autonomous parts and their location and orientation of origin inside the vehicle.

GM also uses the 3D scan for the design and development of vehicles. Manipulation of data collected thanks to scans clay models in numerical modeling programs can be downloaded in a device aided manufacturing software to create a full-size model. Or, if it is only part of the vehicle, the data can be transferred to a manufacturer for 3D rapid prototyping.

"By comparing the scanning of a finished product to the original mathematical model, we can identify the source of problems of fit and finish. In some cases, squeaks and rattles can even be prevented or treated quickly, stated Mr. Pecar. There is no problem of quality that we can not settle. "

Source: GM

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