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Opel International Meeting of the Ecological Vehicles 2011

Opel presents its solutions "e-mobility" to the International Meeting of Ecological Vehicles 2011 (SHS) has Ales 6 and 7 July

• The electric car by Opel Ampera

• Other alternatives to conventional oil: Opel Corsa LPG Opel Insignia 2.0 Turbo Flexfuel.

What would life be without the freedom offered by private transport? One of the great conquests of the last century has been the opportunity to be able to go anytime, anywhere. Opel as automaker is committed to continue to offer this freedom. But as a responsible company, Opel has also decided to invest in new sustainable technologies that allow individual transport to remain compatible with the environment, while being accessible to the greatest number.

Opel will expose some of these technologies on models available at the test SHORE lounge, International Meeting of Ecological Vehicles held in Ales, Gard, 6 and 7 July. The Opel Ampera will be the flagship model of course; This revolutionary electric car is used every day, without the fear of running out of battery. Ride a board gives an exciting idea of ​​what will be the mobility of tomorrow ... But Opel also presents alternatives to diversify our energy as the use of E85 and LPG sources.

The launch of the Ampera - the first electric car has a range extender European - highlights the determination of Opel pioneer development of alternative propulsion systems. The Opel Ampera therefore created a new segment in the European automotive market; it has a unique propulsion system that offers everything both excellent performance and advantages of electric traction battery very innovative. And is the first electric car really usable in everyday life, it was faithful in the ethics of Opel only offer technological advances if they provide a real benefited the greatest number.

As the Opel Ampera Can accommodate four people and their luggage and travel 40 to 80 kilometers on the energy supplied by the battery - about 80% of Europeans are less than 60 km per day. The Ampera is the first electric vehicle also offers a range exceeding 500 km. This makes it the first electric car to forget the stress of failure. The electricity plays a vital role in Opel demarche towards independence from fossil fuels. In the long term, the electric car is one of the best solutions to meet the energy and environmental challenges faced by society.

Opel is working on a range of electric vehicles, a policy that the German manufacturer has grouped under the term "e-mobility unlimited." It includes:

• Small electric cars a battery for short journeys

• The extended-range electric cars for those who are young and long journeys with the same car

• electric vehicles hydrogen fuel cell, which suffer no size restriction or use

The proactive approach of Opel to a diversification of fuels leads also revive an abandoned filiere from the judgment of government incentives, but which nevertheless shows great interest in the ecological level: LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) . Cleaner source of energy than conventional fuels, it also represents a solution to the current pollution problems. Compared to conventional fuels, it has another interest, and size: it is less tax than others, which results in a significant financial advantage.

Opel, historical actor LPG offers on long marches very european applicants vehicles to LPG markets again in France GPL range: including Corsa 1.2 LPG, pragmatic and economic answer to the problems of mobility today.

Opel also working on a series of solutions aimed at promoting the diversification of energy sources. As part of this strategy, Opel has presented the Insignia 2.0 Turbo SHORE Flexfuel, running on bioethanol, fuel consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

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