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Dacia Duster 'No Limit' dream of a feat

It was daring, he had to go and he had to do: 10'17 "Dacia Duster" No Limit "has made a grand entrance in the courtyard of the great, the famous race at odds of Pikes Peak that s is held on June 26 in Colorado Springs in the United States.

Noticed a buildup

Pilot Jean-Philippe Dayraut, triple winner of Trophee Andros Dacia Duster "No Limit" was a real feat succeeds with a time that the 3rd class general ranking score of heavyweights and multiple winners of the ordeal. A buildup rating and buildup on the podium universally welcomed by the organizers, competitors and the public.

For its 89th edition, the race of the most famous score, the most difficult and the most famous in the world has enthusiastically welcomed the achievement of "Frenchy rookie" and his technical team. The feat is in effect size for a project decided last December, realized a bespoke vehicle in 3 months and the first participation for the driver as well as for the Dacia brand.

Third a few handfuls of seconds the two "accustomed" to the ordeal, Duster carries high boldness, ambition and enthusiasm characteristics of the Dacia brand. A sports commitment is to taste that at the Dacia brand for authentic and popular shopping, or the atmosphere and the proximity with the public to visit.

A touch of madness and a lot of passion for an unforgettable experience.

Compete in Pikes Peak, Jean-Philippe Dayraut dreamed in a long time, it was he who convinced Dacia and Renault Sport Technologies teams to launch at his side in this extraordinary adventure. It was a touch of madness, enthusiasm and a lot of passion to try the feat.

Jean-Philippe has had before the race and real condition that three days of testing to prepare the race, take the measure of the field and learn to fight facing competitors who participate for years and know the track by c heart. It will therefore not until the big day for the Dacia Duster "No Limit" can perform one piece 20 Kms and 156 turns of the race. The opportunity for Jean-Philippe garner an unforgettable experience of flying. Only professional drivers who have both experience and slides on the track (ice or ground) may attempt this race. Jean-Philippe Dayraut, which holds 6 titles of Champion of France in circuit (Super Single Seater and Tourism), as ice, three-time winner and defending champion of the Trophee Andros was a feared opponent of the other participants.

"This is truly the most amazing and most intense of my career race. It requires skills of driving with Particular sections of asphalt and other on earth. I am happy to finish on the podium and have managed to put me at odds the best. " Jean-Philippe Dayraut.

With its 850 hp engine, specially prepared by Sodemo based on the 3.8 l V6 Nissan GT-R and 950 Kg, pure performance Dacia Duster was still far from other competitors, whose prototypes EXCEED easily 1000 c. Prepare tailor-made by teams Tork Engineering (design, manufacturing, assembly, development) with the support of Renault Sport Technologies, which provides expertise in matters of automotive competition, the chassis of the Dacia Duster "No Limit" is very efficient and was certainly the best of the plateau.

Enough to feed the desire to continue the adventure next year ...


1: Nobuhiro Tajima Suzuki SX4 9 '51 "(track record)

2nd: Rhys Millen Hyundai RMR PM580 in 10'09

3rd: Jean-Philippe Dayraut Dacia Duster in 10'17 "

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