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Renault Megane RS Trophy: New reference time of

8'08 "with Megane RS Trophy Renault Sport beats again the record for the Nordschleife

• In a time of 8'08 ", the new limited series of Megane Renault Sport Megane RS Trophy, sign the new time of reference in the category of vehicle traction series on the northern loop of the Nurburgring. It surpasses the passage of vehicles more powerful propulsion.

• Renault Sport, the sports brand Renault, demonstrated once again the enthusiasm and expertise Renault. This achievement is a new proof of the technological excellence of Renault in the design of its vehicles and the transposition series of proven technical solutions in competition for the benefit of its customers.

"It shortens the Nordschleife"

On 23 June 2008, Renault Sport established the fastest lap of the Nordschleife in 8'17 "with Megane R26.R. She showed a series of front-wheel drive vehicle could outperform pure performance vehicles the elite of specialists brands and preparateurs June 17, 2011, Megane RS Trophy -. limited series of new Megane Renault Sport - nine seconds pushes the limits of the record until the prisoner firmly by its predecessor.

This new record is the result of a scope power 265 hp, a development and a tire choice optimized by Renault Sport engineers. This limited version of demonstrated exceptional qualities Megane RS and the Megane RS Trophy feat illustrates the ability to instill in his Renault vehicles serial, know-how and experience from the automotive competition, starting with the Formula 1 . Quality design, high level of development of the chassis, brakes and engines, reliability requirement that is all that Renault Sport Megane RS Trophy found in

Performance supercar ... for more passionate

Time realized up outset Megane RS at very prestigious supercars. Megane RS Trophy provides access to performance that rivals that of exclusive vehicles which sometimes exceed its 500 horses.

Impressions Laurent Hurgon pilot to fine tune Renault Sport

"The Nordschleife is a legendary and unique track by its length, its technical expertise, its very different conception of a conventional circuit. It is very varied, with sinuous, fast or very fast and slow. Turns as "Karusell" or "Pflanzgarten" for example, seek enormously car and driver. Megane RS Trophy shows a very comfortable and reassuring on this uncompromising terrain. The differential has limited slip helps to speed very frankly out of corners without generate understeer. The specific calibration Cup chassis, the dampers, Recaro seats, engine power 265 hp - with plenty of torque available in the area 2 500 5 000 r / min - and the tire mounted 235 35 R19 Bridgestone RE 050A allow well feel the full potential of the car and operate in input and output curve in particular. Megane RS brakes are also very durable. This is what allowed me to get that time on this circuit requires some humility. "

Megane Renault Sport competition with

The Megane family is present in motorsport, on road and track. Rally, Megane RS N4 is distinguished by its design entry. Developed for competitions on asphalt, Megane RS N4 is currently establishing new references on this surface. Praised for the qualities of its frame and engine, this car rally drivers and is for private teams.

Track is Megane Trophy V6 which shows in the field of sedans competition "High Performance". She sublime lines car series, with elegance and aerodynamic efficiency. Emblematic Car World Series by Renault, entirely comic and studied for the competition, this veritable prototype developed 360 hp 980 kg and offers a performance report, uneven pleasure.

Bridgestone RE050A: the tire record

The rigid construction of the carcass double ply rayon is capable of transmitting the generated by the tire contact with the ground to ensure stability and reactivity forces.

The compound has high adhesion "soft" type (rubber in contact with the ground) is designed for high performance sports vehicles. It can withstand very high lateral and longitudinal forces.

The Potenza RE050A asymmetric drawing is inspired by developments Bridgestone for Formula 1 that require exceptional performance on dry and wet road.

The exterior design of the tread from F1 tires. It provides high rigidity for better maneuverability and optimal behavior. The very rigid blocks promote excellent handling, especially appreciable curve.

The semi-slick design center allows you to take full potential of the Megane RS Trophy chassis with an instant reaction of the front axle and a good directional control of the train back to an ideal investment vehicle cornering.

Inspired Potenza F1 rain tire, the inner part of the tread is composed of blocks form specific evacuate water more quickly and effectively to major bleeding, a guarantee of adherence reinforced in the rain, pushing the limits of hydroplaning.

In addition to its sporting qualities, the tire also has a good level of comfort and technology equips the tire noise reduction developed by Bridgestone in accordance with the Megane RS Trophy philosophy.

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